Averroès & Rosa Parks

At Averroes & Rosa Parks
“Averroès” and “Rosa Parks” are two psychiatric units at the Esquirol Hospital in Paris. They belong to the same network as the “Adamant”, the floating day clinic on the river Seine at the heart of Nicolas Philibert’s film Sur lAdamant, winner of the Golden Bear at the 2023 Berlinale. In Averroès & Rosa Parks, Philibert continues his exploration of this topic. From individual interviews to meetings between patients and carers, the filmmaker focuses on showing a form of psychiatry that continually strives to make room for and rehabilitate the patients’ words. Little by little, each one eases open the door to their world. But within an increasingly worn-out health system, how can the forsaken be given a place in society among the rest?
by Nicolas Philibert France 2024 French 143’ Colour World premiere | Documentary form


Director Nicolas Philibert
Cinematography Nicolas Philibert
Camera Assistants Pauline Pénichout, Katell Djian
Editing Nicolas Philibert, Janusz Baranek
Sound Erik Ménard
Sound Editing Lucile Demarquet
Sound Design Emmanuel Croset
Producers Miléna Poylo, Gilles Sacuto, Céline Loiseau
Post Production Delphine Passant

Nicolas Philibert

Born in Nancy, France in 1951, he studied philosophy and began his film career in the 1970s as an assistant director to René Allio, Alain Tanner and Claude Goretta. After making several short films, he turned to documentary in 1990 and directed films including the orangutan portrait Nénette which screened in the Berlinale Forum in 2010. La Maison de la radio featured in the 2013 Panorama. His documentary On the Adamant, about a psychiatric day clinic on the river Seine, won the Golden Bear in the 2023 Berlinale Competition. In the past 20 years, his films have been presented in over 100 retrospectives and tribute events around the world.

Filmography (documentaries)

1978 La Voix de son maître (His Master’s Voice); co-director: Gérard Mordillat 1985 Christophe; short film 1987 Trilogie pour un homme seul (Trilogy for One Man) 1988 Vas-y Lapébie! (Go for it, Lapebie!); short film · Le Come-back de Baquet (Baquet’s Come-back); short film 1990 La Ville Louvre (Louvre City) 1992 Le Pays des sourds (In the Land of the Deaf) 1995 Un animal, des animaux (Animals) 1996 La Moindre des choses (Every Little Thing) 1999 Qui sait ? (Who Knows?) 2002 L’Invisible (The Invisible); short film · Être et avoir (To Be and To Have) 2007 Retour en Normandie (Back to Normandy) 2009 Nénette 2010 La Nuit tombe sur la ménagerie (Night Falls on the Menagerie); short film 2012 La Maison de la radio 2018 De chaque instant (Each and Every Moment) 2022 Sur l’Adamant (On the Adamant) 2023 Averroès & Rosa Parks (At Averroes & Rosa Parks)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024