Between the Temples

Ben, a forty-something cantor, is losing his voice and possibly also his faith. As he struggles to live up to the expectations of his rabbi, his congregation and not one but two Jewish mothers, an old acquaintance suddenly comes back into his life: the spirited Carla, his music teacher from primary school who becomes his later-life Bat Mitzvah student. Perhaps she will provide the mid-life jolt he didn’t even realise he needed? Their unexpected but increasingly close connection is threatened by two external factors: Carla’s son, who is deeply suspicious of his mother’s newfound religiosity; and Gabby, who also seems to be vying for Ben’s affection.
Nathan Silver’s warm and anxious comedy explores the inconstancies of faith and the question of what it means to be a real mensch.
by Nathan Silver
with Jason Schwartzman, Carol Kane, Dolly de Leon, Caroline Aaron, Robert Smigel, Matthew Shear, Madeline Weinstein
USA 2024 English 112’ Colour International premiere


  • Jason Schwartzman (Ben)
  • Carol Kane (Carla)
  • Dolly de Leon (Judith)
  • Caroline Aaron (Meira)
  • Robert Smigel (Rabbi Bruce)
  • Matthew Shear (Nat)
  • Madeline Weinstein (Gabby)


Director Nathan Silver
Screenplay Nathan Silver, C. Mason Wells
Cinematography Sean Price Williams
Editing John Magary
Sound Design Arjun G. Sheth
Production Design Madeline Sadowski
Costumes Holly McClintock
Make-Up Emily Schubert
Casting Kate Antognini
Producers Tim Headington, Theresa Steele Page, Nate Kamiya, Adam Kersh, Taylor Hess

Nathan Silver

Writer and director of nine feature films to date, his work has screened at festivals around the world including NYFF, Venice, Tribeca, Mar del Plata, AFI, Locarno, Rotterdam and the Viennale. The “New Yorker” magazine recently called him “one of the most original American independent filmmakers working today”.


2012 Exit Elena 2013 Soft in the Head 2014 Uncertain Terms 2015 Stinking Heaven 2016 Actor Martinez; co-director: Mike Ott 2017 Thirst Street 2018 The Great Pretender 2024 Between the Temples

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