Mit einem Tiger schlafen

Sleeping with a Tiger
A painting. Green with conifers, the earthy tones of dry meadows and church walls. In the light streaming through her grandmother’s farmhouse, where Maria Lassnig spends her childhood, shines a cardigan in sky blue for the first time, shining as if not of this world. Growing up in southern Austria, Lassnig is drawn, via Vienna’s Art Academy, into the local post-war art scene. Sky blue, pink, jade green, fleshy red. Taciturn, stubborn among men who like to hear themselves speak, she feels her way into her own body and takes a look at the world. She paints. She films. Mercilessly and mischievously. Doggedly, she develops her career. She knows the value of her painting long before the art world follows suit with its verdict. Birgit Minichmayr embodies Maria Lassnig in Anja Salomonowitz’s filmic homage to the artist across all stages of her life and psychological states, fleshing out the “body awareness” of Lassnig’s art with a physical body that produces the art. An offbeat and complex biopic in hybrid form: acted scenes and documentary sequences interlock. The images are real.
by Anja Salomonowitz
with Birgit Minichmayr, Johanna Orsini, Maria Nicolini, Lukas Watzl, Oskar Haag
Austria 2024 German, English, French, Subtitles: English 107' Colour World premiere


  • Birgit Minichmayr
  • Johanna Orsini
  • Maria Nicolini
  • Lukas Watzl
  • Oskar Haag
  • Josef Kleindienst


DirectorAnja Salomonowitz
ScreenplayAnja Salomonowitz
CinematographyJo Molitoris
EditingJoana Scrinzi
MusicBernhard Fleischmann
Sound DesignVeronika Hlawatsch
SoundHijalti Bager-Jonathansson und Johannes Baumann
Production DesignMartin Reiter mit Andreas Ertl
CostumesTanja Hausner
Make-UpSam Dopona, Verena Eichtinger
CastingLisa Olah
AnimationKlaus Krall
ProducerAntonin Svoboda

Produced by

coop99 filmproduktion

Wien, Austria

Anja Salomonowitz

Anja Salomonowitz developed her own film language for her films, in which documentary film, feature film and thesis intermingle. She lives and works in Vienna as a scriptwriter and film director. Mit einem Tiger schlafen is her fourth film to be shown at the Forum following It Happened Just Before (2007), Spain (2012) and The 727 Days Without Karamo (2013).


1999 Macondo; short documentary 2000 Carmen 2001 Get to Attack 2002 Projektionen eines Filmvorführers in einem Pornokino 2003 Das wirst du nie verstehen 2005 Ein Monument für die Niederlage 2006 Codename Figaro · Kurz davor ist es passiert (It Happened Just Before) 2012 Spanien (Spain) 2013 Die 727 Tage ohne Karamo (The 727 Days Without Karamo) 2019 Dieser Film ist ein Geschenk (This Movie Is a Gift); documentary 2024 Mit einem Tiger schlafen (Sleeping With a Tiger)

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