The Girl Who Lived in the Loo

A ten-year-old girl has discovered her haven – the bathroom – as the ultimate solution to all her problems. She eats in the loo, plays in the loo and, if she could, she would sleep in there, too. Her journey through life, as she moves from one bathroom to another, remains calm and secure, but also somewhat lonely. The more she grows, the more confined her world seems to become. Eventually, she reaches the understanding that her loyal companion, the loo, falls short of meeting all her needs. As much as she loves her haven, she realises she cannot be in there for much longer. She learns to step out of her comfort zone, beyond the familiar confines of her loving loo, reach out and ask for help.
by Subarna Dash
with Sneha Das, Pratyusha Mitra
India 2024 English, Bengali 12' World premiere | Animation | recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Sneha Das (Older Girl)
  • Pratyusha Mitra (Younger Girl)


DirectorSubarna Dash
ScreenplaySubarna Dash, Kartikey Kavia
CinematographySubarna Dash
EditingSubarna Dash
Sound DesignDibakar Saha
Production DesignSubarna Dash
AnimationSubarna Dash
ProducerSubarna Dash
Executive ProducerSubarna Dash

Produced by

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

Kolkata, India

Subarna Dash

The filmmaker is based in India and studied animation at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Kolkata. In 2022, she was recognised as one of “75 creative minds” by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the International Film Festival of India. Her first two films, Mother and This is TMI, have screened and won awards at prestigious film festivals including TIFF, SXSW and Annecy.


2021 Amayi (Mother); short film 2023 This is TMI; co-director, short film 2024 The Girl Who Lived in the Loo; short film

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