Bel and Juliano are teenagers living in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. After being caught in acts of vandalism, they get to know each other while having to complete a social-educational measure in the same public library. Bel, who is about to turn 18, is deaf and faces the challenges of communication by sign language. She skateboards and draws, which catches the attention of Juliano. He is passionate about rap music and records his everyday life in audio. Juliano shares his anxieties, feelings and uncertainties about his purpose in life with Bel. Through their shared experiences of repression at the hands of the state authorities, they slowly draw closer to one another and, together, find ways to resist the toughness of their lives and the ignorance and neglect of the system.
by Caroline Cavalcanti
with Beatriz Oliveira, Juan Queiroz, Dora Rosa, Thayanne Lima
Brazil 2023 Portuguese, Portuguese Sign Language 25’ European premiere recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Beatriz Oliveira (Bel)
  • Juan Queiroz (Juliano)
  • Dora Rosa (Dôra)
  • Thayanne Lima (Laura)


Director Caroline Cavalcanti
Screenplay Caroline Cavalcanti
Cinematography Raquel Junqueira, Gustavo Braga
Editing Raquel Junquiera, Gustavo Braga
Music Jovemlukaz, Iza Sabino
Sound Design Ramon Modenesi
Production Design Penélope Victoria
Producer Kelly Maciel
Executive Producer Marina Soares

Produced by

Fuskazul Filmes

Caroline Cavalcanti

The director lives in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where she is inspired by the local independent cinema scene. She has been a hard of hearing person for 5 years and experienced different kinds of relationships with sound. In 2020, she received the Cardume Cabíria award for her screenplay “Zero Decibel”. She is the creator of the web series Absurdas which was nominated for the Best Original Idea at the 2022 Rio Webfest.


2022 Tinnitus · Absurdas (Absurdeaf) 2023 Lapso (Lapse)

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