Songs of Love and Hate

Prem, the charismatic host of a popular radio show offering advice on matters of the heart, is himself plagued by heartache. He seeks solace in the rugged mountains. As he goes through his own emotional upheaval, desperate calls from listeners asking him for advice echo through the wilderness. Both Prem and his audience try to navigate their way through the treacherous terrain of love. A gripping tale of emotional turmoil and self-discovery.
by Saurav Ghimire
with Saurav Ghimire, Shraddha Ghimire, Bardan Basnet, Kewal Rijal
Nepal / Belgium 2024 Nepali 17’ World premiere | Documentary form recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Saurav Ghimire (Prem Dai (Voice))
  • Shraddha Ghimire (Story 1)
  • Bardan Basnet (Story 2)
  • Kewal Rijal (Story 3)


Director Saurav Ghimire
Screenplay Saurav Ghimire
Cinematography Saurav Ghimire
Editing Saurav Ghimire, Aaron Minnebo
Sound Design Victor Goemaere, Kishore Acharya
Producers Minsho Limbu, Min Bahadur Bham

Produced by

Junko Pictures

Saurav Ghimire

The Nepalese filmmaker has a master’s degree in film directing and has already made several short films. He has also attended training programmes including the Locarno Basecamp Academy, the Odense Talent Camp and the Fantastic Film School BIFAN.


2021 Stuck; short film · Barking Dogs; short film 2024 Songs of Love and Hate; short film

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