All Shall Be Well

Angie and Pat are a well-off lesbian couple in their mid-60s. They have lived together for 30 years in the flat Pat owns in Hong Kong. Their relationship is accepted by their friends and families and they are valued and loved by those around them. After Pat unexpectedly dies one night, Angie is not only emotionally supported by her circle of friends, but also - at least at first - by Pat’s family. However, little by little, arguments about the burial and inheritance lead to an estrangement. Angie has no legal right to remain in the flat she shared with Pat and is at the mercy of the dwindling goodwill of her dead partner’s family. Even though the couple shared the financial burden equally between them, Pat was the one who took care of everything in their relationship. Supported by her chosen family, Angie embarks on a later-life emancipation journey.
As in his film Suk Suk, Ray Yeung once again takes a precise look at the often precarious everyday life of the older queer community. In the character of Angie, he creates a quiet and yet impressively resilient lesbian heroine.
by Ray Yeung
with Patra Au Ga Man, Maggie Li Lin Lin, Tai Bo, Leung Chung Hang, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Hui So Ying, Rachel Leung, Luna Shaw Mei Kwan
Hong Kong, China 2024 Cantonese 93’ Colour World premiere


  • Patra Au Ga Man (Angie)
  • Maggie Li Lin Lin (Pat)
  • Tai Bo (Shing)
  • Leung Chung Hang (Victor)
  • Fish Liew Chi Yu (Fanny)
  • Hui So Ying (Mei)
  • Rachel Leung (Kitty)
  • Luna Shaw Mei Kwan (Yvonne)


Director Ray Yeung
Screenplay Ray Yeung
Cinematography Leung Ming Kai
Editing William Chang Suk Ping, Lai Kwun Tung
Music Veronica Lee
Sound Tu Duu Chih, Chiang Yi Chen
Production Design Albert Poon Yick Sum
Producers Michael J. Werner, Teresa Kwong, Sandy Yip, Chowee Leow
Executive Producers Ray Yeung, Stan Guingon

Produced by

New Voice Film Productions

Ray Yeung

Born in Hong Kong, the director presented his debut feature film, Cut Sleeve Boys, at the 2006 International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film went on to win awards at a number of festivals and secured an international cinema release in several countries, as did his second feature film, Front Cover, in 2015. His third feature, Suk Suk, celebrated its premiere at the Busan International Film Festival in 2019 and screened in the Berlinale Panorama in 2020. The film was nominated for five Golden Horse Awards in Taipei and nine Hong Kong Film Awards.

Filmography (selection)

1995 A Chink in the Armour; short film 1996 A Bridge to the Past; short film 1998 Yellow Fever; short film 2006 Cut Sleeve Boys 2008 Doggy... Doggy; short film 2009 Homecooking; short film 2010 Derek and Lucas; short film 2011 Entwine; short film 2012 Paper Wrap Fire; short film 2015 Front Cover 2019 Suk Suk (Twilight’s Kiss) 2024 All Shall Be Well

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024