Tian bian yi duo yun

The Wayward Cloud
It is a hot summer in Taipei. Water is scarce, but melons make a good alternative. A young Korean woman reencounters an old acquaintance and, over the course of nightly meetings in her apartment, a tender, almost non-verbal romance develops. Shiang-chyi has no idea that Hsiao-kang now works as an actor in cheap porn movies that an amateur film crew shoots in the same high-rise. Melons are involved… Big-city isolation and its close companion, alienation, alongside sexual exploitation are at the core of the modern love story told by The Wayward Cloud, with the diverse uses for melon guaranteeing both annoying, but also comedic, moments. The film garnered three awards at the 2005 Berlinale, including the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution.
The 4K restoration brings out the contrast between the silent, dark scenes in the urban jungle and the cheerful, colourful musical interludes that repeatedly interrupt the story and function as ironic commentary.
by Tsai Ming-liang
with Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-chyi, Lu Yi-Ching, Yang Kuei-Mei, Yozakura Sumomo, Hsiao Huan-Wen, Lin Hui-Xun, Jao Kuo-Xuan
Taiwan / France 2005 Mandarin 115’ Colour World premiere of the digitally restored version | DCP: Homegreen Films, New Taipei City


  • Lee Kang-Sheng
  • Chen Shiang-chyi
  • Lu Yi-Ching
  • Yang Kuei-Mei
  • Yozakura Sumomo
  • Hsiao Huan-Wen
  • Lin Hui-Xun
  • Jao Kuo-Xuan


Director Tsai Ming-liang
Screenplay Tsai Ming-liang
Cinematography Liao Pen-Jung
Editing Chen Sheng-Chang
Sound Design Tu Duu-Chih
Sound Tang Shiang-Chu
Production Design Yip Kam-Tim, Lee Tien-chueh
Costumes Sun Hui-mei
Producer Bruno Pesery
Executive Producer Vincent Wang
Co-Production Homegreen Films Neu-Taipeh
Arte France Cinéma Issy-les-Moulineaux

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Homegreen Films

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DCP: Homegreen Films, New Taipei City