La piel en primavera

Skin in Spring
Sandra takes Bus 243 through Medellín to work. She’s forced to stand. She can’t make it in time to the seats that become free. No one sees that it’s her turn. The routine commotion of the bus journey envelops Sandra. She concentrates on the stop where she has to get off, as the camera concentrates on her in every scene of the film. As it trains its full focus on Sandra, her own gaze increasingly turns towards herself and her sexuality. In her debut film, director Yennifer Uribe Alzate succeeds in creating the concise portrait of an inner transformation, quite literally embodied by actor Alba Liliana Agudelo Posada. For fifteen years, Sandra’s life has entirely revolved around her son. Now he is turning away from her. Time to start something new. She now does the rounds in a huge mall as a uniformed security guard with a truncheon on her belt, taking her job seriously. The film makes clever use of its locations, their sounds, the people that populate them and each new moment of attention that Sandra receives in the midst of this hustle and bustle: whether from colleagues who become friends or from Javier, the driver of Bus 243.
by Yennifer Uribe Alzate
with Alba Liliana Agudelo Posada, Eduardo Arango, Cristian López, Laura Zapata
Colombia / Chile 2024 Spanish, Subtitles: English 100' Colour World premiere | Debut film


  • Alba Liliana Agudelo Posada
  • Eduardo Arango
  • Cristian López
  • Laura Zapata


DirectorYennifer Uribe Alzate
ScreenplayYennifer Uribe Alzate
CinematographyLuciana Riso Soto
EditingJuan Cañola Vélez
MusicAlekos Vuskovic
Sound DesignRomina Cano
SoundRomina Cano
Production DesignMarcela Gómez Montoya
CostumesJuliana Hoyos Vivas
Make-UpJuanita Santa Maria Vélez
ProducersAlexander Arbelaez Osorio, Jose Manuel Duque López, Rebeca Gutierrez Campos
Executive ProducersJose Manuel Duque López, Rebeca Gutierrez Campos, Alexander Arbelaez Osorio, Miguel Yilales Agelvis

Produced by

Monociclo Cine

Medellín, Colombia

Pinda Producciones

Santiago, Chile

Yennifer Uribe Alzate

Director, screenwriter, teacher and researcher from Colombia. She has a Master’s degree in fiction film, a Master’s degree in communication and is currently pursuing a doctorate. Her short film Like the First Time premiered at Clermont-Ferrand in 2017. La piel en primavera is her debut feature and is premiering in the 2024 Berlinale Forum.


2016 Como la primera vez (Like the First Time); short film 2024 La piel en primavera (Skin in Spring)

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