Diaries from Lebanon

In 2018, a fiery feminist writer, poet and activist named Joumana stands for election to the Lebanese parliament. In doing so, she is defying a political system that has been suffocating her country for 40 years. Joumana is voted in, only to be fraudulently ousted the very next day, leaving her supporters furious. In 2019, the people’s rage turns into a revolution and the streets swell with thousands of voices. One of them belongs to Perla Joe, a fearless woman who rapidly becomes a symbol of this uprising. Her unyielding voice echoes the frustration of a youth struggling to find its place in society. But the past looms like a shadow over their aspirations for progress and change. Georges is the guardian of that mysterious and violent past. A veteran of the Lebanese Civil War which lasted from 1975 to 1990, he lost a leg in the conflict but still clings on to his delusions of “glory”.
In the form of diaries, the film captures four tumultuous years of a nation in turmoil battling to break free from its own chains. As Lebanon is shaken by disruption, personal quests for meaning and survival unfold. How is it possible to continue to dream when everything around is falling apart?
by Myriam El Hajj
with Joumana Haddad, Perla Joe Maalouli, Georges Moufarrej
Lebanon / France / Qatar / Saudi Arabia 2024 Arabic 110’ Colour World premiere | Documentary form


  • Joumana Haddad
  • Perla Joe Maalouli
  • Georges Moufarrej


Director Myriam El Hajj
Cinematography Jihad Saade, Myriam El Hajj, Mohamed Siam
Editing Anita Perez
Music Marc Codsi
Sound Design Thomas Robert
Sound Jean Guy Véran, Elia El Haddad
Producers Myriam Sassine, Carine Ruszniewski

Myriam El Hajj

The Lebanese filmmaker teaches at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) and is a member of several film commissions including the CNC and the Doha Film Institute. She is also the founding member of Rawiyat – Sisters in Film, a collective of women filmmakers from the Arab world. Her first documentary, A Time to Rest, premiered at the Visions du Réel in Nyon in 2015 and went on to screen at numerous international festivals, winning several awards. Diaries from Lebanon is her second documentary.


2015 Trêve (A Time to Rest) 2024 Diaries from Lebanon

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