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Young biologist Yura actually leads a quiet provincial life with his job at the Natural History Museum. He’s still living at home with his mother – if only her pompous admirer wouldn’t annoy him with his readings from “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. In search of the marmot, a creature thought extinct on the Southern Ukrainian steppe, Yura is witness to arson. Trying to draw public attention to the injustice, he unexpectedly ends up on a sensationalist local news portal, and is drawn ever deeper into the absurd entanglements of a network that no one is really interested in unravelling.

Roman Bondarchuk’s long-awaited second feature is a playful media and political satire with shades of science fiction: ludicrous, bizarre, self-critical and subversive, without losing love and faith in its protagonists. Shot shortly before the Russian invasion and completed in the middle of the war, with almost no direct reference to the fighting and yet highly topical, it captures the fragile humanity at stake here. A monument to Kherson – wild periphery, central theatre of war and Bondarchuk’s home region.
by Roman Bondarchuk
with Dmytro Bahnenko, Zhanna Ozirna, Rymma Ziubina, Andrii Kyrylchuk, Oleksandr Shmal
Ukraine / Germany / Slovakia / Czechia 2024 Ukrainian, English, Subtitles: English 126' Colour World premiere


  • Dmytro Bahnenko
  • Zhanna Ozirna
  • Rymma Ziubina
  • Andrii Kyrylchuk
  • Oleksandr Shmal
  • Vasyl Kukharskyi
  • Maksym Kurochkin
  • Oleksandr Hannochenko
  • Serhii Ivanov
  • Serhiy Stepansky
  • Serhii Mykhailovskyi
  • Anastasia Kapshuchenko
  • Artem Karataiev
  • Joel Kenneth Rakos
  • Serhii Malyuga
  • Halyna Kobzar-Slobodiuk


DirectorRoman Bondarchuk
ScreenplayAlla Tyutyunnyk, Dar'ya Averchenko, Roman Bondarchuk
CinematographyVadym Ilkov
EditingViktor Onysko, Nikon Romanchenko
MusicAnton Baibakov
Sound DesignSerhiy Stepansky
SoundSerhiy Stepansky
Production DesignKirill Shuvalov
CostumesSofia Doroshenko
Make-UpOksana Pidopryhora
CastingTetiana Symon
ProducersDarya Bassel, Dar'ya Averchenko
Executive ProducerVika Khomenko
Co-ProducersTanja Georgieva-Waldhauer, Katarína Krnáčová, Dagmar Sedláčková
Co-ProductionElemag Pictures, Gera
Silverart, Bratislava
MasterFilm, Prag
South Films, Cherson

Produced by

Moon Man

Kyiv, Ukraine

Roman Bondarchuk

Roman Bondarchuk’s debut feature film Volcano (2018) premiered at Karlovy Vary and won 12 international awards, including Ukraine’s Shevchenko National Prize. His documentary Ukranian Sheriffs (2015) received the Special Jury Prize at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and was Ukraine’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. Dixie Land (2016) won the Golden Duke Award at Odesa International Film Festival. Bondarchuk serves as the Artistic Director for Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.


2014 Euromaidan. Rough Cut 2015 Ukrainian Sheriffs; documentary 2016 Dixie Land 2018 Vulkan (Volcano) 2024 Redaktsiya (The Editorial Office)

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