Dancing Queen

“Oh dear. What’s going on?” – “I’ve reinvented myself.”

Having the time of your life? Well, not quite yet in Mina’s case: a nerdy teenager at the start of a new school year, Mina is keen to fit in, and even keener to impress E.D. Win, a young hip-hop dancer whose number of Instagram followers far exceeds his ability to empathise. Full of self-doubt, Mina nonetheless challenges herself to take part in a dance competition, a journey she starts with the support of her spirited grandmother, a fountain of no-nonsense wisdom whose candid advice is always an invitation to laugh. Progressing from a awkward initial audition to a final show-stopping number, Mina learns how to fight off the demon of self-doubt and overcome harmful body-image issues. Ooh see that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen!
by Aurora Gossé
with Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson, Cengiz Al, Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Anders Baasmo, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Frida Ånnevik, Mona Berntsen, Sturla Puran Harbitz, Ylva Røsten-Haga
Norway 2023 Norwegian 92’ Colour World premiere | Debut film recommendation: 9 years and up


  • Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson (Mina)
  • Cengiz Al (Shaan)
  • Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal (Edwin aka E.D. Win)
  • Anne Marit Jacobsen (Grandma)
  • Anders Baasmo (Ove)
  • Andrea Bræin Hovig (Anne Berit)
  • Frida Ånnevik (Teacher)
  • Mona Berntsen (Mona Berntsen)
  • Sturla Puran Harbitz (Marcus)
  • Ylva Røsten-Haga (Bella )


Director Aurora Gossé
Screenplay Silje Holtet
Cinematography Åsmund Hasli
Editing Helge Billing
Music Mimmi Tamba
Sound Design Adrian Strumse
Sound Simon Nyqvist
Production Design Ragnhild Juliane Sletta
Costumes Sylvia Denais
Make-Up Ida Astero Welle
Casting Camilla Jerven Glaister
Assistant Director Vilde Ingskog
Production Manager Jessica Paine
Producer Thomas Robsahm
Executive Producer Silje Holtet

Aurora Gossé

Born in 1987, she studied directing at the Norwegian Film School. Her graduation film Vi som ser i mørket won the Norwegian Film Critics’ Award at the Short Film Festival in Grimstad and was nominated for the Student Academy Awards. Her music video for the song “Echo” won This Years’ Talent at the 2016 VidAwards and an Honourable Mention at the Short Film Festival in Grimstad. The video was also shortlisted for the Nordic Music Video Awards. Alongside her work for the cinema, she also directs for television.


2014 Vi som ser i mørket; short film 2017 Karsten og Petra lager teater (Casper & Emma at the Theatre) 2018 Karsten og Petra på Skattejakt (Casper & Emma Go Treasure Hunting) 2019 Skitten snø (Tainted); mini series 2021 Jordbrukerne (Countrymen); TV series 2022 Løgndetektoren (Super Hero Academy); TV series 2023 Dancing Queen

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