Gaby les collines

Gaby’s Hills | Gabys Hügel
For Gaby, not much has changed since last summer. For everybody else, apparently everything is different. The 13-year-old is back on the island where her dad lives, and everyone keeps giving her the strangest looks. Even Fourmi, her best friend, keeps brushing her off. When one of the boys starts singing an ode to Gaby’s “hills”, it’s the final straw. Tongue firmly in cheek, Zoé Pelchat sends her titular heroine into battle to disarm the male gaze.
by Zoé Pelchat
with Lou Thompson, Gaspard Chartrand, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Catherine De Léan, Robin L’Houmeau, Jérémy Poirier, Cécilia Lapierre
Canada 2023 French 21’ World premiere recommendation: 12 years and up


  • Lou Thompson (Gaby)
  • Gaspard Chartrand (Fourmi)
  • Emmanuel Bilodeau (Jasmin)
  • Catherine De Léan (Brigitte)
  • Robin L’Houmeau (Vince)
  • Jérémy Poirier (Mathys)
  • Cécilia Lapierre (Mia)


Director Zoé Pelchat
Screenplay Zoé Pelchat
Cinematography Gabriel Brault Tardif
Editing Amélie Labrèche
Music Laurence Lafond-Beaulne
Sound Design Francis Gauthier, Alexis Pilon Gladu
Sound Simon Lacelle
Production Design Catherine K Pelletier
Costumes Constance Chamberland
Make-Up Juliette Morgane
Casting Denise Charest, Kloé Jiangzhu Arseneau
Assistant Director Ariane Caumartin
Production Manager Macha Houssart
Producer Véronique Charbonneau

Produced by

Papillon Films

Zoé Pelchat

The director studied communications at Concordia University in Montreal and then directing at L’inis film school in the same city. She began her career making music videos before moving into fiction films and commercials. Her web series Dominos, which ran from 2018 to 2020, won Best Digital Series at Canneseries. Her first short film Lune screened in competition at Clermont-Ferrand and then at over 40 international festivals; it won five awards and was nominated for Best Short Film at the Gala Québec Cinéma.

Filmography (short films)

2020 Lune 2023 Atlantis · Gaby les collines (Gaby’s Hills)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023