Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen

Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything
A farm on the German-German border that recently stopped being a border, in the summer of 1990. Family members from the West visit and everyone is feeling their way through these uncertain new times as everyday life goes on in the summer heat. Son Johannes has turned the farmhouse’s attic into a refuge for his girlfriend Maria and himself. Maria is reading Dostoevsky and wanders through meadows, engaged in a search for the meaning of life. Her encounter with Henner, a much older neighbour, becomes her testing ground, drawing her in, like fate. One could say a tragic love takes its course. However, this would be a bit of an understatement in view of the raw sensuality and archaisms that have been transposed from Daniela Krien’s subtle novel into the atmosphere of Emily Atef’s film. Rarely has an adaptation of a vibrant literary text been able to create such energy, and even more rarely has it been able to revitalise virtues (in the truest sense of the word) which some might find old-fashioned. A film about charisma, naked bodies, the lack of willpower, and desire. An unadulterated, frank, and free-wheeling work that delivers an unexpected dose of German romanticism.
by Emily Atef
with Marlene Burow, Felix Kramer, Cedric Eich, Silke Bodenbender, Florian Panzner, Jördis Triebel, Christian Erdmann, Christine Schorn, Axel Werner, Victoria Mayer
Germany 2023 German 129’ Colour World premiere


  • Marlene Burow (Maria)
  • Felix Kramer (Henner)
  • Cedric Eich (Johannes)
  • Silke Bodenbender (Marianne)
  • Florian Panzner (Siegfried)
  • Jördis Triebel (Hannah)
  • Christian Erdmann (Hartmut)
  • Christine Schorn (Frieda)
  • Axel Werner (Alfred)
  • Victoria Mayer (Gisela)


Director Emily Atef
Screenplay Emily Atef, Daniela Krien
Cinematography Armin Dierolf
Editing Anne Fabini
Music Christoph M. Kaiser, Julian Maas
Sound Design Kai Tebbel
Sound Magnus Pflüger
Production Design Beatrice Schultz
Costumes Gitti Fuchs
Make-Up Monika Münnich, Astrid Mariaschk
Casting Simone Bär, Alexandra Montag, Jacqueline Rietz
Assistant Director Viktor Klein
Production Manager Richard Heinecke
Producer Karsten Stöter
Executive Producer Emily Atef

Produced by

Row Pictures

Emily Atef

Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1973, this German-French-Iranian director and writer grew up in Berlin, Los Angeles and Paris and later worked in the theatre in London. From 2001 she studied directing at the German Film and Television Academy (dffb). Her first feature film Molly’s Way won a development award at the Munich Film Festival, her second The Stranger in Me premiered at Cannes and won numerous prizes. She followed the similarly award-winning film Kill Me with the TV drama Queen of the Night, the TV film Wunschkinder and with Don’t Worry I’m Fine.


2003 Sundays; short film 2005 Molly’s Way 2008 Das Fremde in mir (The Stranger in Me) 2012 Töte mich (Kill Me) 2015 Königin der Nacht (Queen of the Night); TV film 2016 Wunschkinder; TV film 2017 Macht euch keine Sorgen (Don’t Worry I’m Fine); TV film 2018 3 Tage in Quiberon (3 Days in Quiberon) 2021 Plus que jamais 2023 Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen (Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything)

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