“As a punishment, the sea swallows up those who go astray. But the land always gets back what doesn’t belong in the sea.”

What to do with loss? With her hair blowing in the wind, waiting for answers that don’t seem to come, Sica stares at the waves crashing against the rocks of Costa da Morte. She’s only partially on land: her mind is mainly at sea, where her father, a fisherman, drowned. Restless and stubborn, Sica continues to roam the wild and brutal coastal landscapes. Meanwhile, a storm called Ophelia is approaching her community. Shots of tides, corals and cloudy skies are constantly interwoven with Sica’s story on land, shaping her, haunting her, showing us her inner life. There, in an isolated corner of the world, Sica doesn’t lose hope. Even if nobody seems to believe her. Even if she needs to go against the current.
by Carla Subirana
with Thais García Blanco, Núria Prims, Marco Antonio Florido Añón, María Villaverde Ameijeiras, Lois Soaxe
Spain 2023 Spanish, Catalan, Galician 91’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Thais García Blanco (Sica)
  • Núria Prims (Carmen)
  • Marco Antonio Florido Añón (Suso)
  • María Villaverde Ameijeiras (Leda)
  • Lois Soaxe (El Portugués)


Director Carla Subirana
Screenplay Carla Subirana
Cinematography Mauro Herce, Anna Molins
Editing Juliana Montañés
Music Xavi Font
Sound Design Alejandra Molina, Fernando Novillo
Sound Amanda Villavieja
Production Design Anna Chwaliszewska
Costumes Silvia Iglesias
Make-Up Sonia Garcia
Casting Conchi Iglesias
Assistant Director Cristina García
Production Manager Aleix Castellón
Producers Alba Sotorra Clua, Andrea Vázquez, Xavi Font

SICA Alba Sotorra AIE

Amorambre Films

Zuzu Cinema

Carla Subirana

The screenwriter, director and film lecturer was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1972. Ever since her directing debut Nedar, an autobiographical film about historical and personal memories, her work has been poised between documentary and fiction. As the founding partner of the Dones Visuals association, she campaigns for equality in the film industry. She has also designed several creativity workshops and led the “Acció Viver” programme which supports female filmmakers of features and documentaries from script to production.


2008 Nedar; documentary 2012 Volar; documentary · Kanimambo; documentary 2016 Atma; short film 2023 Sica

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023