L’Amour du monde

Longing for the World
“What do you like over there?” – “That it’s 100,000 km from here.”

Fourteen-year-old Margaux drifts dreamily between her father’s new flat and the children’s group home where she is spending her summer as an intern. To the discontent of the adults, she strikes an unusual but tender bond with seven year old half-orphan Juliette. When the two meet local fisherman Joël during one of their secret strolls, Margaux experiences the enigmatic feeling of an intense longing for discovering the world. Modestly reserved, however attentive, she experiences the first traces of attraction. Among the reflections of Lake Geneva, the three unlikely companions will learn more about fishing, Indonesian legends and herons, and about how friendship can unfold in unexpected ways.
by Jenna Hasse
with Clarisse Moussa, Esin Demircan, Marc Oosterhoff, Adèle Vandroth, Pierre Mifsud, Mélanie Doutey, Filipe Vargas, Maxime Gorbatchevsky, Théo Rossi, Hadrien Motta, Elias Alves, Maël Ney, Frédéric Giavina
Switzerland 2023 Portuguese, English, French 76’ Colour World premiere | Debut film recommendation: 12 years and up


  • Clarisse Moussa (Margaux)
  • Esin Demircan (Juliette)
  • Marc Oosterhoff (Joël)
  • Adèle Vandroth (Adèle)
  • Pierre Mifsud (Philippe)
  • Mélanie Doutey (Carole)
  • Filipe Vargas (Father)
  • Maxime Gorbatchevsky (Stéphane)
  • Théo Rossi (Rick)
  • Hadrien Motta (Tiago)
  • Elias Alves (Tim)
  • Maël Ney (Kleden)
  • Frédéric Giavina (Lio)


Director Jenna Hasse
Screenplay Jenna Hasse, Julien Bouissoux, Nicole Stankiewicz
Cinematography Valentina Provini
Editing Noémie Fy
Music Cedric Blaser
Sound Design Paul Jousselin, Benoît Gargonne
Sound Camille Bonard
Sound Mixing Benjamin Viau
Production Design Margaux Renvoisé
Costumes Eléonore Cassaigneau
Make-Up Virginie Pernet, Laura Pozzi
Casting Minna Prader
Assistant Director Pedro Labaig
Producers Olivier Zobrist, Anne-Catherine Lang
Co-Production Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) Genf
Galão Com Açúcar Film Lausanne

Jenna Hasse

Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1989, she grew up in Switzerland. She studied acting at INSAS in Brussels and has since been working as both an actor and director in film and theatre. In 2014, she presented her first short film En août at the Cannes Film Festival. L’Amour du monde is her debut feature film.


2014 En août (In August); short film 2016 Visions Via Roma; short film · Soltar; short film 2020 Il protagonista; documentary 2023 L’Amour du monde (Longing for the World)

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