Shen Hai

Deep Sea | Tiefe See
“My brave crew! Can you hear fortune calling? Let our journey to the Eye of the Deep Sea begin!”

Shenxiu has felt a deep sadness since her mother left the family. Awaking after a storm at sea, she finds herself in a kaleidoscopic, dreamlike world of swirling colour and cascading water, vividly realised in 3D animation. Guided by a many-eyed creature, the Hyjinx, she embarks on a quest to locate the Eye of the Deep Sea where she hopes to meet her mother again. She is accompanied by the wildly experimental chef and ship’s captain Nanhe whose restaurant under the ocean has fallen on hard times. To pay off his debts, he seeks a way to revive his signature soup dish, despite a scarcity of ingredients. It will take all of Shenxiu’s courage to brave the feared Red Phantom and weather the darkest storms, never losing sight of life’s bright moments.
by Tian Xiaopeng
with Wang Tingwen, Su Xin, Teng Kuixing, Yang Ting, Ji Jing, Fang Taochen
People’s Republic of China 2023 Mandarin 112’ Colour International premiere | Animation recommendation: 10 years and up


  • Wang Tingwen (Shenxiu)
  • Su Xin (Nanhe)
  • Teng Kuixing (Chief Mate)
  • Yang Ting (Stepmother)
  • Ji Jing (Mom)
  • Fang Taochen (Sweet Bean)


Director Tian Xiaopeng
Screenplay Tian Xiaopeng
Cinematography Cheng Mazhiyuan
Animation Tian Xiaopeng
Editing Lin Aner
Music Dou Peng
Sound Design Wang Chong
Production Design Yin Hongyu
Production Manager Sun Jin
Producer Yi Qiao
Executive Producer Qu Yunyi

Tian Xiaopeng

The director is one of the first Chinese artists to have worked with 3D computer graphics. In 1999, he founded October Media, an animation studio dedicated to innovations in CGI. His feature-length animated film Monkey King: Hero Is Back was both a milestone for the Chinese animation industry and a box-office hit.


2015 Monkey King: Hero Is Back 2023 Shen Hai (Deep Sea)

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