Al Murhaqoon

The Burdened
Isra’a lives with her husband Ahmed and their three children in the old port city of Aden in southern Yemen. Their everyday lives are shaped by the civil war – which means military checks in the streets, frequent power cuts, and having to haul water from the street to the kitchen. Ahmed used to work for television, but after several salary cheques were not paid, he is now earning his money as a driver. When Isra’a unexpectedly becomes pregnant, the couple faces a crisis. They both know they cannot afford a fourth child: they are about to move to a cheaper flat and the children’s school fees are due. Together they decide on an abortion. An odyssey begins in which a doctor friend becomes a key figure.
A feature film from Yemen is a great rarity. Here, director Amr Gamal has chosen to fictionalise a real-life story that occurred within his circle of friends. Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most devastating civil wars, this sensitive family drama provides us with a glimpse into the society of a country largely unknown beyond its borders.
by Amr Gamal
with Khaled Hamdan, Abeer Mohammed, Samah Alamrani, Awsam Abdulrahman, Shahd Algonfedy, Islam Saleem, Roaa Al-Hamshari, Omar Elyas, Fatema Adulbqawi, Ruaida Rubaih
Yemen / Sudan / Saudi Arabia 2023 Arabic 91’ Colour World premiere


  • Khaled Hamdan (Ahmed)
  • Abeer Mohammed (Isra’a)
  • Samah Alamrani (Muna)
  • Awsam Abdulrahman (Abbas)
  • Shahd Algonfedy (Hend)
  • Islam Saleem (Anwar)
  • Roaa Al-Hamshari (Nouran)
  • Omar Elyas (Nawar)
  • Fatema Adulbqawi (Dr. Niveen)
  • Ruaida Rubaih (Ahmed’s Mother)


Director Amr Gamal
Screenplay Amr Gamal, Mazen Refaat
Cinematography Mrinal Desai
Editing Heba Othman
Music Chen Mingchang
Sound Design Rana Eid
Sound Rawad Hobeika
Production Design Asim Abdulaziz, Tamim Mohammed
Costumes Saleh Alkatheri
Make-Up Shahd Algonfedy
Casting Amr Gamal
Assistant Directors Ezat Shadad, Ahmed Alhaidari
Production Manager Fahed Shuraih
Producers Mohsen Alkhalifi, Amr Gamal
Co-Producers Amjad Abu Alala, Mohammed Alomda
Co-Production Station Films Khartum
Red Sea Fund Dschidda

Amr Gamal

The film and theatre director with Yemeni roots was born in Poland in 1983. In 2005, he founded the Khaleej Aden theatre company for which he has written and directed all of their productions ever since. His play “Ma’k Nazel” was the first Yemeni play to be performed in Europe. His debut film 10 Days Before the Wedding was the first Yemen-made film to screen commercially there for 30 years and was the country’s official entry for the 2018 Oscars. He lives and works in Aden, Yemen.


2018 10 Days Before the Wedding 2023 Al Murhaqoon (The Burdened)

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