Nomades du nucléaire

Nuclear Nomads | Atomnomaden
A caravan stands directly in front of a nuclear power plant. This image combines a symbol of leisure and holidaymaking with the danger of harmful radiation that threatens France’s “nuclear nomads”. These largely young workers may receive impressive bonuses for their job inspecting and cleaning nuclear power plants up and down the country, but they are putting their health, if not their lives, at risk. In between parenting and route planning, they busily add up their daily and weekly radiation doses in the hope that they will be able to earn enough money before they reach the annual maximum and have to stop working.
Profit at the expense of health is an all-too-common model that seems particularly problematic in the nuclear industry. Captivating images of reactors towering on the horizon like dark mountains feature in this poetic, dystopian graduation film by HFF Munich students Kilian Armando Friedrich and Tizian Stromp Zargari. It documents the world of precarious work and draws a connection between individual lives and the universal political question of how we want to, can and must produce energy in the future.
by Kilian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari
with Vincent Jouet, Marie Lore Porchert, Florian Wernert, Jérome Bienmont
Germany 2023 French 73’ World premiere | Debut film | Documentary Form


  • Vincent Jouet
  • Marie Lore Porchert
  • Florian Wernert
  • Jérome Bienmont


Directors Kilian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari
Screenplay Kilian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari
Cinematography Jacob Maria Kohl
Editing Gabrielle Azouze, Killian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari
Music Ludovico Failla
Sound Kilian Armando Friedrich, Tizian Stromp Zargari
Sound Design Gerhard Auer, Andreas Goldbrunner
Production Manager Elsa Storms
Producer Christine Haupt

Produced by

Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

Kilian Armando Friedrich

The filmmaker studied dramatic arts and film directing with a focus on documentary in Hildesheim, Madrid, Munich and Mexico City. His short film Überleben, which he made at HFF Munich, won the City of Munich’s Starter Film Award in 2022 and qualified for a 2023 Short Film Oscar.

Filmography (documentaries)

2016 Attacke aufs Treppenhaus; short film 2018 Rucksack und Trolley; short film 2019 Ich will ins Paradies; short film 2020 Überleben (Survive); short film 2023 Nomades du nucléaire (Atomnomaden)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023

Tizian Stromp Zargari

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1993, he grew up in Pays de la Loire in France. He first studied sustainable development in Lyon before taking up a degree in documentary filmmaking at HFF Munich in 2018. He has been awarded a scholarship by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and is the co-founder of the first group for people of colour at the HFF.

Filmography (documentaries)

2019 Zusammenspiel; short film 2020 Westend; short film 2023 Nomades du nucléaire (Atomnomaden)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023