Ever since she was the victim of a hostage situation, Teresa has lived in seclusion in her townhouse. She is clearly still so distressed that she can even only bear to watch her beloved dog through the window of her veranda. When she decides to go to her family’s country estate to recuperate, her husband Roberto buys her a state-of-the-art armoured car to make her feel safer. However, shortly after they arrive, the farm’s workers – who are to be dismissed after years of exploitation – occupy the estate house at gunpoint. While Roberto is taken hostage, Teresa manages to escape to the safety of the car at the last minute. But she cannot start the vehicle and is trapped. Shots are heard more and more often, and the prospect of negotiations dissolves into blood.
A film that begins as a portrait of a traumatised woman develops into a gripping thriller about the extreme disparities between social classes in Brazil. Daniel Bandeira paints a picture of a society in which the rift between the elitist individualism of the rich and the collective rage of the poor seems insurmountable.
by Daniel Bandeira
with Malu Galli, Zuleika Ferreira, Tavinho Teixeira, Samuel Santos, Edilson Silva, Ane Oliva, Luana Vitória, Roberta Lucia, Marcílio Moraes, Marilia Souto
Brazil 2022 Portuguese 101’ Colour International premiere


  • Malu Galli (Teresa)
  • Zuleika Ferreira (Antonia)
  • Tavinho Teixeira (Roberto)
  • Samuel Santos (Dimas)
  • Edilson Silva (João da Cruz)
  • Ane Oliva (Sandra)
  • Luana Vitória (Iara)
  • Roberta Lucia (Cristina)
  • Marcílio Moraes (Danilo)
  • Marilia Souto (Marilia)


Director Daniel Bandeira
Screenplay Daniel Bandeira
Cinematography Pedro Sotero
Editing Matheus Farias
Music Caio Domingues, Nicolau Domingues
Sound Design Nicolau Domingues
Sound Lucas Caminha
Production Design Maíra Mesquita
Costumes Andrea Monteiro
Make-Up Tayce Vale
Casting Marcelo Caetano
Assistant Director Filipe Oliveira
Production Managers Juliana Calles, Tiago Melo
Producers Kika Latache, Lívia de Melo
Executive Producers Kika Latache, Deby Brennand

Produced by

Vilarejo Filmes

Daniel Bandeira

Born in Recife, Brazil in 1979, he began his filmmaking career with the Símio Filmes production company and worked as an editor with a number of filmmakers from his home state of Pernambuco. After directing some experimental shorts, he made his feature film debut with Peer Pressure which premiered at the 2007 Festival de Brasília.


2004 Biodiversidade (Biodiversity); short film · Contratempo; short film 2007 Amigos de Risco (Peer Pressure) 2009 Tchau e Benção (Goodbye, Farewell); short film 2011 Sob a Pele (Under the Skin); short film 2015 Soledad; short film 2022 Propriedade (Property)

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