Closing Dynasty

To an adult onlooker she might seem lost among the towering New York skyscrapers, but seven-year-old Queenie has a clear goal: to get money. Hustling for donations, collecting bottles, impressing passers-by with her crafty salesmanship – she’ll do whatever it takes. Come evening, her mother asks if she worked hard at school. Through Queenie’s eyes, the world and her neighbourhood reveal a distinct truth, at odds with her parents’ well-meaning silence.
by Lloyd Lee Choi
with Milinka Winata, Eleven Lee, Allen Chen, Maggie Law, Khadijah Muhammad, Joe Chan, Amie Cazel, Danny Chin, Christopher Chan, Aimin Zhou
USA 2023 English, Mandarin 17’ World premiere recommendation: 5 years and up


  • Milinka Winata (Queenie)
  • Eleven Lee (Mother)
  • Allen Chen (Father)
  • Maggie Law (Bakery Clerk)
  • Khadijah Muhammad (Woman in Subway)
  • Joe Chan (Jeweler)
  • Amie Cazel (Realtor)
  • Danny Chin (Smoking Man)
  • Christopher Chan (Wealthy Man)
  • Aimin Zhou (Smoking Cook )


Director Lloyd Lee Choi
Screenplay Lloyd Lee Choi
Cinematography Christopher Lew
Editing Ashley Ingbretson
Music Charles Humenry
Sound Design Bobb Barito
Sound Wayne Blair
Production Design Chen-Wei Liao
Costumes Angel Yu
Casting Kate Antognini
Assistant Director Harrison Monico
Production Manager Andrew Gavin
Producers Jonathan Hsu, Michelle Hamada, Alex Ingber
Executive Producers Paula Weinstein, Nina Chaudry

Lloyd Lee Choi

The screenwriter and director grew up in Toronto, Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. His short film, Same Old, had its world premiere in 2022 at Cannes and went on to screen and win awards at several international film festivals. He also works as a commercials director.

Filmography (short films)

2016 Heartbreak Karaoke 2022 Same Old 2023 Closing Dynasty

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