Langer Langer Kuss

Long Long Kiss
Aaron is determined not to forget his ex-boyfriend Paul. He believes that the only way to preserve the memory of their caresses and kisses is to stop brushing his teeth. To him, all their emotions, all their touching and intimacies are stored in his teeth. His younger sister and flatmate Lina gently tries to persuade her brother to practice oral hygiene, but she is no longer able to get through to him. When Aaron and Lina’s authoritarian father comes to visit, the situation escalates and Aaron’s behaviour becomes dangerously self-destructive.
Lukas Röder, a student of the HFF in Munich, addresses the topic of mental health in his touching chamber piece. Via the actors’ intensely emotional performances and a second layer in which everyone involved reflects on their roles, behavioural patterns and ways of finding help are explored.
by Lukas Röder
with Nils Thalmann, Luisa Bocksnick, Michael Zittel, Christian Erdt, Katrin Filzen
Germany 2023 German 40’ World premiere


  • Nils Thalmann (Aaron)
  • Luisa Bocksnick (Lina)
  • Michael Zittel (Father)
  • Christian Erdt (Paul)
  • Katrin Filzen (Nurse)


Director Lukas Röder
Written by Karla Cristóbal
Cinematography Oliver Buchalik, Louis Dickhaut
Editing Lukas Röder
Music Hans Könnecke
Sound Design Gerhard Auer, Avelina Ost
Sound Linus Gramm
Production Design Mercedes Corvinus, Luzia Ehrmann
Costumes Lotta Thoms, Marlene Rösch
Make-Up Tiziana Darr
Assistant Director Felix Mann
Casting Lukas Röder
Production Manager Hans-Joachim Köglmeier
Executive Producers Simon Bogocz, Barbara Iepan, Michaela Mederer

Produced by

Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

Lukas Röder

Born in Starnberg near Munich, Germany in 1993, he began to make his first short films and write screenplays at the age of 20 and has completed internships with filmmakers including Julia von Heinz and Rosa von Praunheim. Since 2017, he has been studying fiction directing at the HFF Munich where he also regularly assists in tutoring seminars. He has so far made four shorts, one mid-length film and the feature-length Gehirntattoo which won the Hof Gold Prize at the 2021 Hof International Film Festival.


2017 Heimlich (Clandestine); short film 2018 Leben schmecken (Retaste); short film 2019 Fick mich frei (Fuck me free); short film 2020 Deins ist auch meins (Yours is also mine); short film 2021 Gehirntatto (Brain tattoo); medium-length film 2023 Langer Langer Kuss (Long Long Kiss); medium-length film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023