Julius is an eloquent young museum attendant loved by his friends, colleagues and his girlfriend. One day he invites his fellow workers to join him for a sailing trip on his aristocratic family’s boat. But something goes wrong. Julius is not who he seems to be.
Moritz von Treuenfels is the perfect choice to embody this charming young man whom we gladly follow at first, only to feel less and less comfortable with the contradictions that arise from his fluid approach to life. In this finely written and directed film about identity and social behaviour, Jöns Jönsson pushes the idea of “fake it till you make it” to its breaking point. Julius impresses everyone with his worldly knowledge and free-flowing conversation embodying modern ideals of self-reinvention. Yet his behavioural patterns are in conflict with the rules of society. Unfolding with a flexibility that echoes that of the protagonist, Axiom is a fascinating exploration of this disquieting contradiction that is both visceral and intellectually dizzying.
by Jöns Jönsson
with Moritz von Treuenfels, Ricarda Seifried, Thomas Schubert, Petra Welteroth, Max Themak, Ines Marie Westernströer, Zejhun Demirov, Felix Tittel, Deniz Orta, Hendrik Kraft
Germany 2022 German 108’ Colour World premiere


  • Moritz von Treuenfels (Julius)
  • Ricarda Seifried (Marie)
  • Thomas Schubert (Erik)
  • Petra Welteroth (Hannelore)
  • Max Themak (Jonas)
  • Ines Marie Westernströer (Lizi)
  • Zejhun Demirov (Savo)
  • Felix Tittel (Franz)
  • Deniz Orta (Melanie)
  • Hendrik Kraft (Robert)


Written and Directed by Jöns Jönsson
Cinematography Johannes Louis
Editing Stefan Oliveira-Pita
Sound Design Paul Rischer
Sound Michael Schlömer
Production Design Claudia Steinert
Costumes Elisabeth Kraus
Make-Up Susanne Woerle-Jiritano, Kerstin Baar
Assistant Director Nils Strüven
Casting Susanne Ritter
Production Manager Urte Amelie Fink
Producers Amir Hamz, Christian Springer, Fahri Yardim
Co-Producers Andrea Hanke, Birgit Kämper
Co-Production WDR Köln
Arte Straßburg

Produced by

Bon Voyage Films

Jöns Jönsson

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1981, the director has been based in Berlin since 2004. He studied directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf where he made short films including The Sea which premiered in the 2009 Berlinale Shorts programme. His graduation film Lamento, which was shot in Sweden and is his debut feature, premiered in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino and won the First Steps Award.


2009 Havet (The Sea); short film · Grand Ayatollah Bajat Sandschani; short documentary · Die Trennung (The Parting); short documentary 2011 Wertingen; short film 2013 Lamento 2021 Axiom

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