Ampangabagat Nin Talakba Ha Likol

It’s Raining Frogs Outside
The end of the world is nigh and frogs are raining down from the sky. Maya is back in her childhood home but it no longer feels like home. Being forced to be alone is torture and her memories are increasingly condensing into a fever dream.
by Maria Estela Paiso
with Alyana Cabral
Philippines 2021 Filipino 14’ Colour


  • Alyana Cabral (Maya)


Written and Directed by Maria Estela Paiso
Cinematography Eric Bico
Editing Maria Estela Paiso
3D Animation Vladimer Castañeto
Music Alyana Cabral
Sound Design Yügen Bei Bei, Lawrence S. Ang
Assistant Director Shaine Robles
Production Design Kevin Paguntalan
Art Director Shaine Robles
Special Effects Shaine Robles, Tricia Bernasor
Artistic Adviser Keith Deligero
Producer Gale Osorio

Produced by


Maria Estela Paiso

Born in Quezon City, the Philippines in 1997, the filmmaker graduated with a degree in communication arts in 2016 and has since worked in post-production. After several music videos and visual experiments, she made Ampangabagat Nin Talakba Ha Likol, her debut film as a director. In her free time, she works to perfect her karaoke skills.


2021 Ampangabagat Nin Talakba Ha Likol (It’s Raining Frogs Outside); short film

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