Almost 250 years ago, an Indigenous noblewoman named Tomasa Ttito Condemayta gathered together over a thousand women to fight against the Spanish colonial rulers. In present-day Peru, female followers of all ages bring gifts to her resting place where they dance and celebrate together to draw strength and courage or request protection and good grades. A mockumentary in tribute of this special heroine.
by Marina Herrera Peru 2022 Spanish, Quechua 21’ Colour World premiere | Documentary form


Director Marina Herrera
Cinematography Johan Carrasco
Editing Marco Panatonic
Sound Cesar Centeno
Art Director Renzo Bazan
Producer Amaru Cardenas

Produced by

China Salka Producciones

Marina Herrera

Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1991, the daughter of a Spanish mother and a Peruvian father, she grew up in Cusco, Peru. When she was 17, she moved to Lima to work in audiovisual communication. In 2013, she returned to Barcelona to take a master’s degree in creative documentary at the city’s Universitat Autònoma. In 2016, she moved again to Peru and began working as an assistant director on several feature films. Heroínas is her directing debut.


2022 Heroínas (Heroines); short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2022