Lay Me by the Shore

Summer days in the quiet suburb are warm and shimmering. Still, between images of parties and intimate moments with his girlfriend, teenager Noah is repeatedly plagued by flashbacks that arrive out of the blue. Though all is calm around him, the sound of the river is overwhelming inside his head. Noah’s best friend died in a sporting accident. The departed’s presence is still palpable, haunting what were supposed to be care-free days.
by David Findlay
with Isla Pouliot, Kai Smith
Canada 2022 English 19’ Colour empfohlen ab 14 Jahren


  • Isla Pouliot (Noah)
  • Kai Smith


Written and Directed by David Findlay
Cinematography Evan Prosofsky
Editing Alexander Farah
Sound Design Mitchell Allen
Sound Joan Marcos Percy
Production Design Kathleen Cooper
Costumes Nina Maidment
Casting Kris Woznesensky, Kara Eide
Assistant Director Nano Clow
Production Manager Angelica Stirpe
Producer Joaquin Cardoner
Executive Producers Sultan Al Saud, Evan Landry
Co-Producers Nicolas Tiry, Aline Mayerhoffer, Neel Gupta
Associate Producers Philippe Widmer, Max de Pfyffer, Michael Kuna

Produced by

Joaquin Cardoner

David Findlay

The director and screenwriter was born in Québec, Canada in 1991. He studied art at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. His work, which often mixes fiction with documentary, focuses on an examination of human behaviour.

Filmography (short films)

2012 Face It 2013 Callback 2015 Nephew 2018 Everything Outside 2020 Found Me · Ndagukudna déjà 2022 Lay Me by the Shore

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