Will My Parents Come to See Me

What would he like for his last meal, the female prison guard wants to know. “Meat and a Coke”, the young inmate replies. Familiar with the prescribed procedures, she accompanies him through his final day. It is a difficult walk, towards the inevitable. “Will my parents come to see me?” he asks quietly.
by Mo Harawe
with Xaliimo Cali Xasan, Shucayb Abdirahman Cabdi, Maxamed Axmed Maxamed, Mohamed Hirsi, Geenyada Madaw, Faysal Colaad Muxumed, Guuleed Xasan Saleebaan
Germany / Austria / Somalia 2022 Somali 28’ Colour World premiere


  • Xaliimo Cali Xasan (Hodan)
  • Shucayb Abdirahman Cabdi (Farah)
  • Maxamed Axmed Maxamed (Boqor)
  • Mohamed Hirsi (Imam)
  • Geenyada Madaw (Geenyo)
  • Faysal Colaad Muxumed (Xiirane)
  • Guuleed Xasan Saleebaan (Alifle)


Written and Directed by Mo Harawe
Cinematography Steven Samy
Editing Alexander von Piechowski
Sound Mohamed Abdinur Isse
Music Abwaan Xuseen Aw-Faarax
Producers Mo Harawe, Alexander von Piechowski, Nuh Musse Birjeeb, Ahmed Farah

Produced by

Mo Harawe

Alexander von Piechowski

Nuh Musse Birjeeb

Mo Harawe

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, he discovered his passion for cinema while attending a school of arts in his home country. Since 2009, he has lived in Austria. He is currently studying visual communication and filmmaking and has made short films which have screened and won awards at international film festivals. He also works as a feature film scriptwriter, winning the 2021 Thomas Pluch Screenwriting Prize for his script for Life on the Horn.


2014 The Other Side; short film 2015 Identity 2016 One Last Moment; short film 2018 The Story of the Polar Bear that Went to Africa; short film 2019 1947; short film 2020 Life on the Horn; short film 2022 Will My Parents Come to See Me; short film

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