Gong ji

Rooster | Gockel
Somewhere in Northern Myanmar, twelve-year-old Hung Hsia wears a dazzling red wedding dress – the same colour as the blood that now drips from the slit throat of a rooster. The bird and the Burmese girl stood before the altar a moment ago, as newlyweds – the former as a stand-in for the absent Chinese husband, a stranger to whom Hung-hsia has been promised. Soon she must move to his country to join him.
by Myo Aung
with Hung Hsia Hsu, Lin Chi Lee, Ken Fu Wang, Chia Shu Sun
Myanmar / Taiwan 2021 Burmese, Mandarin 10’ Colour recommendation: 13 years and up


  • Hung Hsia Hsu (Bride)
  • Lin Chi Lee (Mother)
  • Ken Fu Wang (Wedding Host)
  • Chia Shu Sun (Matchmaker)


Director Myo Aung
Screenplay Myo Aung, Ye Shi Zhao
Cinematography Lee Yen Chang
Editing Myo Aung
Sound Design Chou Cheng
Production Design Myo Aung
Costumes Yang Xin Yi
Make-Up Kuo Chao Li
Casting Hsu Hung Ling
Production Managers Jasper Huang, Peng Zih Jie
Executive Producer Lee Yung Hen
Producers Myo Aung, Cheng-Yu Tung

Produced by

Myo Aung


Myo Aung

The Sino-Burmese filmmaker was born in Myanmar in 1992 and began his career as a documentary filmmaker. He has recently also begun making fiction films. His two short documentaries Where We Belong and Fire at Forest both won prizes at the Taiwanese Golden Harvest Awards. His work focuses on his Myanmar homeland and the Burmese diaspora. Gong ji is his first short fiction film.

Filmography (short films)

2018 Yao yuan chih ti (Where We Belong) 2020 Yi chi shan lin (Fire at Forest) 2021 Gong ji (Rooster)

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