Fernanda returns to her uncle’s ranch in Goiás in mid-western Brazil after an absence of many years, bringing the ashes of her deceased adoptive mother back home. Her appearance and her search for the truth about her roots shake the façade of her middle-class family. For her landowner uncle, a conservative mayor of the local municipality who is campaigning for re-election, Fernanda’s investigations and accusations are rapidly becoming a threat. But she remains unyielding in her bid for truth and justice.
In her surreal, fantastical debut, Flávia Neves masterfully interweaves the search for one’s own origins with Brazil’s colonial past. At the heart of this family drama is the confrontation with antiquated traditions, exploitative relationships and with those who profit from them. Fogaréu depicts an inspiring attempt to break out of hardened structures as well as the hope for a new beginning.
by Flávia Neves
with Bárbara Colen, Nena Inoue, Eucir de Souza, Fernanda Vianna, Vilminha Chaves, Kelly Crifer, Timothy Wilson, Fernanda Pimenta, Allan Jacinto Santana, Typyire Ãwa
Brazil / France 2022 Portuguese 100’ Colour


  • Bárbara Colen (Fernanda)
  • Nena Inoue (Mocinha)
  • Eucir de Souza (Antônio)
  • Fernanda Vianna (Arlette)
  • Vilminha Chaves (Joana)
  • Kelly Crifer (Tereza)
  • Timothy Wilson (Ezequiel)
  • Fernanda Pimenta (Paula)
  • Allan Jacinto Santana (Pedro)
  • Typyire Ãwa (Cacique)


Director Flávia Neves
Screenplay Flávia Neves, Melanie Dimantas
Cinematography Luciana Baseggio, Glauco Firpo
Editing Will Domingos, Waldir Xavier
Sound Design Waldir Xavier
Sound Olivia Hernández
Production Design Diogo Balbino
Costumes Masta Ariane
Make-Up Enoque Abikian
Assistant Director Thomas Sparfel, Débora Oliveira
Production Managers Mariana Andrade, Renata Amaral
Producer Vania Catani, Mayra Faour Auad
Executive Producers Tarcila Jacob, Elaine Azevedo e Silva, Gabrielle Auad, Vania Catani
Co-Producers Nathalie Mesuret, Thomas Sparfel, Danilo Kamenach
Co-Production MyMama Entertainment São Paulo
Blue Monday Productions Paris
Caliandra Filmes Goiânia
Kam Filmes Goiás
Canal Brasil Rio de Janeiro

Flávia Neves

Born in Goiânia, Brazil in 1982, she studied film at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro and at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba. She wrote and directed the documentary series Amanajé, o mensageiro do futuro, which portrayed 13 Indigenous groups from the central-western region of Brazil. Fogaréu is her debut feature film.


2019 Amanajé, o mensageiro do futuro; documentary series 2022 Fogaréu

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