A Love Song

A remote lake in the North American landscape. The sand is yellow, the sky is blue and the mountains distant; there is nary a tree far and wide to provide shade. Faye is spending her days here in a trailer, with two books and a radio, leisurely birdwatching and stargazing. With her wiry build, wild blonde hair and hands that speak of a life of labour, she fits in perfectly here. Anything that breaks, she simply fixes; the only time she sits up and takes notice is when there is a knock at the door. Because Faye is waiting for Lito. Their connection goes way back to their youthful love for each other, but for some years now they have also shared the pain of loss – both are widowed.
Max Walker-Silverman’s gentle, laconic film is about contemplative introspection, the power of love and the depths of melancholy. Dale Dickey’s portrayal of Faye is a touching mixture of inner strength and fragility, which is also reflected in the impressive natural scenery and a delicate soundtrack.
by Max Walker-Silverman
with Dale Dickey, Wes Studi, Benja K. Thomas, Michelle Wilson, John Way, Marty Grace Dennis
USA 2022 English 81’ Colour


  • Dale Dickey (Faye)
  • Wes Studi (Lito)
  • Benja K. Thomas (Marie)
  • Michelle Wilson (Jan)
  • John Way (Postman Sam)
  • Marty Grace Dennis (Dice)


Written and Directed by Max Walker-Silverman
Cinematography Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
Editing Max Walker-Silverman, Affonso Gonçalves
Music Ramzi Bashour
Sound Design Javier Umpierrez
Sound Sean Kiely
Production Design Juliana Barreto Barreto
Costumes Stine Dahlman
Casting Jessica Kelly, Erika DeMeza
Assistant Director Mary Kerrigan
Producers Jesse Hope, Dan Janvey, Max Walker-Silverman
Executive Producers Bill Way, Jan McAdoo, Jack McAdoo
Co-Producers Robina Riccitiello, Sakurako Fisher
Co-Production Fierce Optimism Films San Francisco
The Sakana Foundation San Francisco

Produced by

Dead End Pictures

Present Company

Cow Hip Films

MacPac Entertainment

Max Walker-Silverman

He lives and works in rural Colorado where he grew up. A former community organiser and literary editor, he is an alumnus of the NYU graduate film programme. His short films have won a Support the Shorts Award at SXSW and the KODAK Vision Award as well as multiple National Board of Review student grants. A Love Song is his debut feature film.


2019 Lefty/Righty; short film 2020 Chuj Boys of Summer; short film 2022 A Love Song

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2022