Manhã de Domingo

Sunday Morning
A concert is coming up. Gabriela is sitting at the piano and playing – for herself, for him and for her mother. The piece of music changes each time and yet always remains the same. Memories surface, the present intertwines with the past. The deeper she goes, the closer she comes to finding inner peace and reconciliation.
by Bruno Ribeiro
with Raquel Paixão, Leonardo Castro, Silvana Stein, André Pacheco, Indira Nascimento, Valéria Lima, Ítalo Pereira, Layza Griot
Brazil 2022 Portuguese 25’ Colour


  • Raquel Paixão
  • Leonardo Castro
  • Silvana Stein
  • André Pacheco
  • Indira Nascimento
  • Valéria Lima
  • Ítalo Pereira
  • Layza Griot


Director Bruno Ribeiro
Screenplay Bruno Ribeiro, Tuanny Medeiros
Cinematography Wilssa Esser
Editing Vinícius Silva
Sound Design Bernardo Uzeda
Sound Gustavo Andrade
Art Director Diogo Hayashi
Producer Laís Diel

Produced by

Reduto Filmes

Bruno Ribeiro

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1994, he grew up in Brazil and Portugal. His short films screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Doclisboa and the Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife. With Gargaú, he won the Volvo Award for Best Short Film at Doclisboa.

Filmography (short films)

2016 Dirty Skin 2018 BR3 2021 Gargaú 2022 Manhã de Domingo (Sunday Morning)

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