“Make Sweden Sexy Again” is the lurid slogan of a government study for which Anette has been asking women in their mid-40s and over about their sex lives. She herself, her sister and her closest friends are also grappling with the question of how good sex, bad sex or the absence of sex relate to the way they see themselves and to getting older. Living under the same roof with one’s ex and his new girlfriend, throwing yourself on your half-asleep husband’s morning hard-on out of sheer desperation, or accidentally ordering the wrong dildos on the internet – that can’t be all there is. Or can it?
Based on an idea by creator and screenwriter Frans Milisic Wiklund, co-creator Åsa Kalmér and leading actors Sofia Helin, Julia Dufvenius and Anja Lundqvist, Lust is frank, feminist and full of unashamedly honest humour about issues that should sound familiar to anyone who has already left the hormone-driven euphoria of youth behind. This eight-part comedy series was directed by Ella Lemhagen, whose film Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen won the Crystal Bear at the Berlinale in 2000.
by Frans Milisic Wiklund, Ella Lemhagen
with Sofia Helin, Anja Lundqvist, Julia Dufvenius, Elin Klinga, Danilo Bejarano, Johan Widerberg, Björn Bengtsson, Jonas Malmsjö, Magnus Roosmann, Roshi Hoss
Sweden 2022 Swedish 112’ World premiere


  • Sofia Helin (Anette)
  • Anja Lundqvist (Nadia)
  • Julia Dufvenius (Ellen)
  • Elin Klinga (Martina)
  • Danilo Bejarano (Andres)
  • Johan Widerberg (Rasmus)
  • Björn Bengtsson (Diesel)
  • Jonas Malmsjö (Torkel)
  • Magnus Roosmann (Harald)
  • Roshi Hoss (Tilde)


Creator Frans Milisic Wiklund
Co-Creators Åsa Kalmér, Julia Dufvenius, Sofia Helin, Anja Lundqvist
Director Ella Lemhagen
Written by Frans Milisic Wiklund
Producers Sandra Harms, Karl Fredrik Ulfung
Executive Producers Camilla Curtis, Christian Wikander, Peter Bose, Jonas Allen
Broadcaster HBO Max

World sales

WarnerMedia International Television Distribution

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