Alone at home, Robin explores her own body with eager curiosity. But when hanging out with her best friend Merel, she keeps others at a distance, prodding them with her eyes only. She takes it all in: Merel’s easy exuberance, kisses by the lake, boys full of bravado, two bodies intertwining on the dance floor. In moments of lust and tenderness captured in intimate close-ups, director Nicole Jachmann’s protagonist is more than a mere observer, navigating desire on her own terms.
by Nicole Jachmann
with Claire Porro, Julia Olsthoorn, Jesse Meisters, Jonas Coppus, Mandy Verboeket
Netherlands 2021 Dutch 16’ Colour empfohlen ab 14 Jahren


  • Claire Porro (Robin)
  • Julia Olsthoorn (Merel)
  • Jesse Meisters (Tim)
  • Jonas Coppus (Bram)
  • Mandy Verboeket (Marianne)


Written and Directed by Nicole Jachmann
Cinematography Michel Rosendaal
Editing Tessel Flora de Vries
Music Coen Leuven
Sound Design Meghan van der Meer
Sound Linne Beck
Production Design Lonneke Orbons
Costumes Nine van Weert
Make-Up Trudy Buren
Casting Niels Lemmens
Assistant Director Elise van Dijk
Production Manager Sammy Wisniewski
Executive Producer Laura Bouwmeester
Producer Rogier Kramer
Co-Producer Robert Kievit
Co-Production BNNVARA Hilversum

Nicole Jachmann

The director was born in Beek, the Netherlands in 1987. She first studied journalism, followed by liberal arts and sciences during which time she spent a semester at the Claremont Colleges in California. She then moved to Berlin to take a screenwriting course. Since then, she has worked in a number of roles on various short films. Her work focuses chiefly on gender. She is currently developing another short film and her debut feature film.


2011 Serving in Silence; short documentary 2015 De Hemelpoort; short film 2018 Schaduwjager; short film 2021 Funkele; short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2022