Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Nancy Stokes, a 55-year-old retired teacher, has never experienced an orgasm, or any satisfying sex at all. Her marriage was stable but stale and her late husband was the only man she had ever slept with. To make things right, Nancy takes the leap and hires the services of Leo Grande, a sex worker – or “sex therapist,” as he puts it – in his twenties. But her plan is complicated by a seemingly insurmountable collection of inner barriers and taboos.
Australian filmmaker Sophie Hyde directs this highly compelling chamber piece written by English comedian Katy Brand. The repressed sexuality of Britain’s middle class is exposed and mercilessly teased for our delectation and embodied by one of the country’s most relatable stars, the fabulous Emma Thompson. In a performance that is incredibly entertaining and touching at the same time, she allows one crack to appear after another in a shell formed by many years of prohibitions dictated by a certain upbringing. By her side, the relaxed and self-assured demeanour of Daryl McCormack’s Leo Grande makes him the ideal partner on this quest, or more precisely, conquest – for the right to pleasure.
by Sophie Hyde
with Daryl McCormack, Emma Thompson
United Kingdom 2022 English 97’ Colour


  • Daryl McCormack (Leo Grande)
  • Emma Thompson (Nancy Stokes)


Director Sophie Hyde
Screenplay Katy Brand
Cinematography Bryan Mason
Editing Bryan Mason
Music Stephen Rennicks
Sound Design Steve Fannagan
Production Design Miren Maranon
Costumes Sian Jenkins
Make-Up Julie Dartnell
Casting Amy Hubbard
Assistant Director Malinda Kaur
Producers Debbie Gray, Adrian Politowski
Executive Producers Nessa McGill, Julian Gleek, Alison Thompson, Sophie Hyde, Nadia Khamlichi, Martin Metz, Katy Brand, Mark Gooder

Produced by

Genesius Pictures

Sophie Hyde

Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1977. Her debut feature film, 52 Tuesdays, screened in the 2014 Berlinale Generation where it won a Crystal Bear. The film went on to win the Directing Award at Sundance where her next feature film, Animals, premiered. A founding member of the film collective Closer Productions, she has made a number of successful feature-length documentaries and is creator, producer and director of the series F*!#ing Adelaide and The Hunting, both of which won several awards.


2011 Life in Movement; documentary, co-director: Bryan Mason 2013 52 Tuesdays 2017 F*!#ing Adelaide; series 2019 Animals · The Hunting; series 2022 Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2022