Some time after Earth has been hit by a global catastrophe, the Kepler space colony organises a mission to examine the planet’s living conditions. After a difficult landing, a young astronaut ends up alone in a desolate environment. The Earth is now fully submerged, and the tides leave nowhere for survivors to breathe. In the rare moments when the waters recede, small communities scavenge for food. Life is impossible, and merciless violence rules everywhere. As she struggles to survive, the young astronaut comes across a terrible secret and must make a decision that will prove fateful for the planet.
Tim Fehlbaum’s second feature Tides is a dystopian thriller. Unfolding at a breakneck pace and with visionary production design, the film muses on the consequences of exploiting nature and contains a warning about the possible fallout for humanity.
by Tim Fehlbaum
with Nora Arnezeder, Iain Glen, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Sope Dirisu, Sebastian Roché, Joel Basman, Kotti Yun, Bella Bading, Chloé Heinrich, Eden Gough
Germany / Switzerland 2021 English 100’ Colour


  • Nora Arnezeder (Louise Blake)
  • Iain Glen (Gibson)
  • Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (Narvik)
  • Sope Dirisu (Tucker)
  • Sebastian Roché (Blake’s Father)
  • Joel Basman (Paling)
  • Kotti Yun (Munay)
  • Bella Bading (Maila)
  • Chloé Heinrich (Young Blake)
  • Eden Gough (Neil)


Director Tim Fehlbaum
Screenplay Tim Fehlbaum, Mariko Minoguchi
Cinematography Markus Förderer
Editing Andreas Menn
Music Lorenz Dangel
Sound Design Lars Ginzel, Frank Kruse, Markus Stemler
Sound Hugo Poletti
Production Design Julian R. Wagner
Costumes Leonie Zykan
Make-Up Sabine Schumann
Casting Leo Davis, Lissy Holm, Ulrike Müller, Corinna Glaus
Assistant Director Christopher Poth
Line Producer Mark Nolting
Producers Thomas Wöbke, Philipp Trauer, Ruth Waldburger, Tim Fehlbaum, Constanze Guttmann
Executive Producers Roland Emmerich, Martin Moszkowicz, Christoph Müller, Christoph Fisser, Henning Molfenter, Charlie Woebcken
Co-Producers Katja Hörstmann, Sonja B. Zimmer, Tamara Mattle
Co-Production Constantin Film München
Studio Babelsberg Potsdam
SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRG/SSR Zürich

World sales

Mister Smith Entertainment

Produced by

BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion

Vega Film

Tim Fehlbaum

The Swiss director and cinematographer was born in Basel in 1982. While studying at the University of Film and Television Munich, he directed numerous music videos, worked as a cameraman and made the short film Für Julian which won the Shocking Shorts Award. His debut feature film Hell was selected by the Munich and Locarno film festivals, won several prizes including the German Cinema New Talent Award and was nominated for numerous others. On his latest film Tides, he worked with an international cast and Roland Emmerich as Executive Producer.


2011 Hell 2021 Tides

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