Die Welt wird eine andere sein

Asli first sets eyes on Saeed in the mid-1990s at a fairground as he is anxiously stepping off a merry-go-round just before the ride begins. They get to know each other while spinning bottles at a party in their student hall of residence. Asli is fascinated by Saeed’s charisma and self-confidence. The two students marry secretly even though Asli’s mother is against the relationship. In a mosque in Hamburg, they promise to stay together and keep each other’s secrets. Caught between asserting herself, conforming to her traditional parental home and her self-sacrificing love, Asli tries to find her own way in life. Then Saeed disappears. His decision changes Asli’s life – before it shakes the whole world.
Anne Zohra Berrached’s film comprises several layers that are all of equal importance. It is a love story, but it is also an exploration of cultural differences, truth and faith, trust and delusion. After Two Mothers and 24 Weeks, the director once again demonstrates her particular ability to reveal the private lives that exist behind the politics, as well as her great sensitivity when working with actors.
by Anne Zohra Berrached
with Canan Kir, Roger Azar, Özay Fecht, Jana Julia Roth, Ceci Chuh, Nicolas Chaoui
Germany / France 2021 German, English, Arabic, Turkish 118’ Colour Rating R12

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Canan Kir (Asli)
  • Roger Azar (Saeed)
  • Özay Fecht (Zeynep)
  • Jana Julia Roth (Jacqui)
  • Ceci Chuh (Julia)
  • Nicolas Chaoui (Fares)


Director Anne Zohra Berrached
Screenplay Stefanie Misrahi, Anne Zohra Berrached
Cinematography Christopher Aoun
Editing Denys Darahan
Music Evgueni and Sacha Galperine
Sound Design Niklas Kammertöns (BVFT), Marc Fragstein
Sound Sylvain Rémy, Uve Haußig
Production Design Janina Schimmelbauer
Costumes Melina Scappatura
Make-Up Nica Faas, Vanessa Schneider
Assistant Directors Inken Jansen, Ires Jung
Casting Susanne Ritter, Abla Khoury
Production Manager Peter Hermann
Producers Roman Paul, Gerhard Meixner, Christiane Sommer, Carole Scotta, Caroline Benjo, Julie Billy, Thomas Kufus, Tobias Büchner, Melanie Berke
Executive Producers Christian Granderath, Olivier Père, Rémi Burah, Andreas Schreitmüller

Anne Zohra Berrached

Born in Erfurt, the former GDR in 1982. After graduating in social education, she worked as a drama teacher in London. She then took up a degree at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg where she directed the short documentary Saint & Whore which was selected by over 80 international film festivals. Her debut feature film, Two Mothers, screened in the 2013 Perspektive Deutsches Kino where it won the Dialogue en perspective award. Her second feature, 24 Weeks, premiered in the Berlinale Competition and received the German Film Award in Silver.

Filmography (selection)

2009 Der Pausenclown; short film 2010 Vanitas; short film 2011 Falscher Hase; short film · E.+U.; short film 2012 Hunde wie wir; short film · Heilige & Hure (Saint & Whore); short film · Mars Venus Venus Mars; short film 2013 Rechte Hand; short film · Zwei Mütter (Two Mothers) 2016 24 Wochen (24 Weeks) 2021 Die Welt wird eine andere sein (Copilot)

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