Nanu Tudor

My Uncle Tudor
In intimate close-ups the camera captures an idyllic scene that seems to belong to a different era: ripe cherries, black-and-white photographs and a summerhouse full of memories of the seemingly carefree childhoods of several generations. Old aunties talk about the past and Uncle Tudor, too, answers the filmmaker’s questions. Little by little, she confronts him with her trauma, for which he is responsible.
by Olga Lucovnicova Belgium / Portugal / Hungary 2020 Romanian, Russian 20’ Colour Documentary form

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


Written and Directed by Olga Lucovnicova
Cinematography Olga Lucovnicova
Editing Olga Lucovnicova
Producer Olga Lucovnicova
Co-Production Universidade Lusófona Lissabon
University of Film and Arts Budapest

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Luca School of Arts

Olga Lucovnicova

Born in Moldova in 1991, she began training as an accountant when she was 16 but then quickly turned to photography. In 2011, she took up a degree in cinematography at the Academy of Arts in Chișinău. After graduation, she received a scholarship for the DocNomads Joint Master Degree in Documentary Filmmaking in Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. Her films, which particularly address social issues and aim to create a platform for discussion, combine a purely observational style with poetic elements focusing on human emotions.

Filmography (short films)

2013 O Crenguță De Scoruș (One Little Rowan Branch) 2015 Nu Am, Moarte, Cu Tine Nimic (I Do Not Hate You, Death) 2018 Valurile Pustiului (The Desert Waver) 2019 Nu E Sfârșitul (It’s Not The End) 2020 Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor)

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