Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent

Nelly Rapp – Monsteragentin
“Our mission is to protect the world from monsters and monsters from the world. But not to decide who is allowed to exist in the world.”

Nelly has her own special way of seeing things. Where others are spooked, she remains unfazed. Monsters in the basement? One more reason to check the place out! No friends? Nelly will cope. Snooping around in Uncle Hannibal’s labyrinthine mansion, Nelly stumbles upon an incredible secret: her family has been keeping the peace between humans, zombies, vampires and other gruesome creatures for decades, as members of an international brigade of monster agents. Nelly wants to hunt monsters too, and proceeds to stir up a fair amount of dust. But what if she has been misled about who is actually responsible for fear and scariness?
In this fantasy film, based on Martin Widmark’s book series of the same name, the pressure to conform is revealed as the true source of horror.
by Amanda Adolfsson
with Matilda Gross, Lily Wahlsteen, Marianne Mörck, Johan Rheborg, Björn Gustafsson, Jens Ohlin
Sweden 2020 Swedish 92’ Colour empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Matilda Gross (Nelly Rapp)
  • Lily Wahlsteen (Roberta)
  • Marianne Mörck (Lena-Sleva)
  • Johan Rheborg (Hannibal)
  • Björn Gustafsson (Vincent)
  • Jens Ohlin (Lennart)


Director Amanda Adolfsson
Screenplay Sofie Forsman Based on the “Nelly Rapp” novels by Martin Widmark and Christina Alvner
Cinematography Gabriel Mkrttchian
Editing Britta Norell
Music Uno Helmersson
Sound Design Jonas Jansson
Sound Jonas Jansson
Production Design Christian Olander
Costumes Kicki Ilander
Make-Up Hanna Holm Löfgren, Eva von Bahr, Love Larson
Casting Catrin Wideryd, Maggie Widstrand
Assistant Director Svante Åhman, Simon Ekbäck Nordström
Line Producer Jonathan Ridings
Producers Jon Nohrstedt, Niklas Larsson
Executive Producer Annika Sucksdorff
Co-Producers Peter Possne, Anna Croneman, Jenny Stjernströmer Björk, Yaba Holst
Co-Production Film i Väst Göteborg
Sveriges Television AB Stockholm

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Produced by

SF Studios

Amanda Adolfsson

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1979, she graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts with a BA in film directing. She then directed the short film Spending the Night, which screened at the Berlinale in 2008, and co-wrote and directed her feature film debut, Young Sophie Bell, which was released in Swedish cinemas in 2015. She has recently been directing TV series including Bonus Family and Eagles as well as the crime series Bäckström. Nelly Rapp – monsteragent is her second feature film.


2005 Nära huden (Close to the Skin); short film 2006 Stilla natt (Silent Night); short film 2007 Myskväll (Spending the Night); short film 2014 Unga Sophie Bell (Young Sophie Bell) 2019 Bonusfamiljen (Bonus Family); series, season 3, 2 epsiodes · Eagles; series, season 1 · Bäckström; series, season 1, 2 episodes 2020 Nelly Rapp – monsteragent (Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent)

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