Mantagheye payani

District Terminal
Tehran in the near future. Pollution and a lethal virus have reduced the city to a dump and forced the population to emigrate or live in quarantine. Peyman is a poet and a junkie who lives with his mother in a neighbourhood that has been placed under round-the-clock surveillance by quarantine officers. Struggling to survive, Peyman divides his days between spending time with his no-less-bewildered teenage daughter, a woman living in the USA whom he has married in order to emigrate, conversations with his two closest friends Ramin and Mozhgan, and an illicit affair with a girl with whom he is hopelessly in love. Rumours of an imminent war are growing and one by one Peyman’s friends are departing, leaving him alone and tormented by ghosts. In which world does Peyman live, the real or the fictional? In which of the two will he find redemption?
Bardia Yadegari and Ehsan Mirhosseini have written and directed a unique and surprising film. Political and visionary, tragic and desperately human, District Terminal ponders the present and warns us about the future.
by Bardia Yadegari, Ehsan Mirhosseini
with Bardia Yadegari, Farideh Azadi, Ali Hemmati, Gandom Taghavi, Sara Ajorloo, Reza Bahrami, Ali Kamali, Amin Mirhosseini, Bahar Jahanara, Maryam Moradi
Iran / Germany 2021 Farsi 117’ Colour

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Bardia Yadegari (Peyman)
  • Farideh Azadi (Mother)
  • Ali Hemmati (Ramin)
  • Gandom Taghavi (Mozhgan)
  • Sara Ajorloo (Sara)
  • Reza Bahrami (Khorramshad)
  • Ali Kamali (Father)
  • Amin Mirhosseini (Shahrad)
  • Bahar Jahanara (Khatereh)
  • Maryam Moradi (Pari)


Written and Directed by Bardia Yadegari, Ehsan Mirhosseini
Cinematography Navid Moheimanian
Editing Hossein Tavakoli
Music Alireza Shams Eskandari
Sound Design Hasan Mahdavi, Parsa Asheghan
Sound Amir Ashegh Hosseini
Production Design Alireza Ghaffarizadeh
Costumes Mahsa Gharehkhani
Make-Up Parisa Kakouei
Assistant Director Rahim Roozijouy
Production Manager Mohsen Lashgari
Producers Farzad Pak, Amin Mirhosseini
Collaboration Isabel Ivars

Bardia Yadegari

The screenwriter and director was born in Kermanshah, Iran in 1980. He worked as an assistant sound recordist, researcher and screenwriter as well as a journalist for international media outlets including “The Guardian” before making his own films as a director. In 2016, he published his first book. His poetry has never been permitted to be published in Iran. He appeared as an actor and was also an assistant on Mohammad Rasoulof’s There is No Evil.


2017 Internet Namahdood (Unlimited Internet); short film 2021 Mantagheye Payani (District Terminal)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2021

Ehsan Mirhosseini

The screenwriter and director was born in Ahvaz, Iran in 1985. After studying film at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society in Tehran, he worked as a film critic before making his first short film, Picking the Grape, in 2007. He then worked as a screenwriter and assistant director. In 2015, he began collaborating with Bardia Yadegari. The pair has co-written four screenplays and co-directed the short film Unlimited Internet. Mirhosseini appeared in one of the main roles in There Is No Evil, the film by Mohammad Rasoulof which won the Golden Bear at the 2020 Berlinale. Mantagheye payani is his feature film debut as a director.


2008 Chidane Habbeye Angoor (Picking the Grape); short film 2015 Khabgard (Sleepwalker); short film 2017 Internete NaMahdood (Unlimited Internet); short film 2021 Mantagheye Payani (District Terminal)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2021