Mishehu Yohav Mishehu

All Eyes Off Me
Danny is pregnant by Max but she doesn’t get around to telling him at a party. Meanwhile, Max is busy trying out his girlfriend Avishag’s sexual fantasies with her. She wants him to hit her when they have sex. Avishag takes her bruises over to Dror, whose dog she sits. A familiarity develops between the older man and the young woman that neither of them expected.
In three loosely connected chapters, director and actor Hadas Ben Aroya’s second feature film portrays a confident generation of young Israelis who are ready to try anything and everything but are unable to foresee how these experiences will affect them. The cast interacts fearlessly and with great authenticity while the fluid cinematography captures moments that are intimate, painful and beautiful. In atmospheric yet convincingly spontaneous sequences the film addresses physicality, intimacy, desire and emotional and physical vulnerability and asks the question: how liberated are we really?
by Hadas Ben Aroya
with Elisheva Weil, Leib Lev Levin, Yoav Hait, Hadar Katz
Israel 2021 Hebrew 88’ Colour

Part of the Berlinale Summer Special


  • Elisheva Weil (Avishag)
  • Leib Lev Levin (Max)
  • Yoav Hait (Dror)
  • Hadar Katz (Danny)


Written and Directed by Hadas Ben Aroya
Cinematography Meidan Arama
Editing Or Lee-Tal
Sound Design Neal Gibbs
Sound Eran Ben-Isaac
Art Director Alena Ploski
Costumes Shachaf Marcus
Make-Up Or Sapir
Assistant Director Nataya Cassirer
Production Manager Talia Steinmatz
Producers Hadas Ben Aroya, Maayan Eden

Produced by

Hadas Ben Aroya

Maayan Eden

Hadas Ben Aroya

Born in Israel in 1988, she studied at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television in Tel Aviv. She was selected by the Forum of Israeli Film Critics as “Discovery of the Year” and won an Israeli Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor. She wrote, directed, produced and starred in her debut feature film, People That Are Not Me. The film premiered at Locarno and screened and won prizes at festivals around the world. In 2017, she participated in Berlinale Talents. Mishehu Yohav Mishehu is her second feature film.


2016 Anashim Shehem Lo Ani (People That Are Not Me) 2021 Mishehu Yohav Mishehu (All Eyes Off Me)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2021