After Nikola’s wife has attempted suicide, the casual labourer’s two children are taken away from him and placed with foster parents. A temporary arrangement, it is alleged. However, following an assessment of Nikola’s housing conditions, the head of the social welfare office in their small Serbian village decides that Nikola is too poor to provide an adequate living environment for his children. The reticent Nikola decides to lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs in Belgrade. He is determined to cover the 300 kilometres to the capital on foot. In this way, he intends to show the authorities how far he is willing to go for his children – literally.
Srdan Golubović finds authentic, moving images to tell this tale of inequality. His quiet but resilient protagonist explores not only the country, but also the boundaries between right and wrong. Resolved not to give in to his mounting desperation, this tenacious father embarks on a heroic journey that redefines the word hero.
by Srdan Golubović
with Goran Bogdan, Boris Isaković, Nada Šargin, Milica Janevski, Muharem Hamzić, Ajla Šantić, Vahid Džanković, Jovo Maksić, Milan Marić, Nikola Rakocevic
Serbia / France / Germany / Croatia / Slovenia / Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020 Serbian 120’ Colour World premiere


  • Goran Bogdan (Nikola)
  • Boris Isaković (Vasiljević)
  • Nada Šargin (Biljana)
  • Milica Janevski (Službenica)
  • Muharem Hamzić (Miloš)
  • Ajla Šantić (Sanja)
  • Vahid Džanković (Službenik)
  • Jovo Maksić (Goran)
  • Milan Marić (Jovanović)
  • Nikola Rakocevic (Radoje)


Director Srdan Golubović
Screenplay Srdan Golubović, Ognjen Svilicić
Cinematography Aleksandar Ilić
Editing Petar Marković
Sound Design Erik Mischijew, Corina Fleig
Sound Bruno Tarrière
Production Design Goran Joksimović, Predrag Petrović
Costumes Ljiljana Petrović
Make-Up Marinela Spasenović
Casting Boban Dedeić
Assistant Director Aleksandar Adžić
Production Manager Ilija Nikolić, Zlatko Volarević
Executive Producer Igor Kecman
Producers Jelena Mitrović, Čedomir Kolar, Alexander Ris, Marc Baschet, Danis Tanović, Boris T. Matić, Lana Matić, Danijel Hočevar, Amra Bakšić Čamo, Adis Djapo
Co-Producers Meinolf Zurhorst, Olivier Pere, Remi Burah
Co-Production ZDF Arte Berlin
Arte France Paris

Produced by

Film House Baš Čelik

Propeler Film


Srdan Golubović

Born in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia) in 1972, he studied theatre during which time he made several short films. He co-founded the Baš Čelik production company with other young filmmakers. In 2001, he made his debut feature film, Apsolutnih sto, which won a number of awards at several international festivals. His films Klopka and Krugovi both screened at the Berlinale. He lectures in film and television directing at the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Filmography (selection)

2001 Apsolutnih sto (Absolute Hundred) 2007 Klopka (The Trap); Forum 2013 Krugovi (Circles) 2020 Otac (Father); Panorama

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020