Todos os mortos

All the Dead Ones | All die Toten
1899. Slavery has recently been abolished in Brazil. After the death of their last housemaid, the three women of the Soares family are at a loss in the rapidly expanding city of São Paulo. The family, which once owned coffee plantations, is now on the brink of ruin and struggling to adapt. At the same time, the Nascimento family, who used to work as slaves on the Soares’ farm, now find themselves adrift in a society in which there is no place for recently freed black people. Caetano Gotardo and Marco Dutra’s elegant mise-en-scène perfectly highlights the contrasting personalities of their mostly female ensemble while men, no longer to be trusted as providers, occupy a back seat. From the old woman accustomed to being waited on and oblivious to her own anachronistic discourse, to a nun tempted by blasphemous ideas, a pianist whose mind is inhabited by her community’s dark past, and a former slave whose quick-mindedness and willpower guide her towards a better life, these fascinating women are both out of place and the pillars of an evolving nation.
by Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra
with Mawusi Tulani, Clarissa Kiste, Carolina Bianchi, Thaia Perez, Agyei Augusto, Alaíde Costa, Leonor Silveira, Rogério Brito, Thomás Aquino, Andrea Marquee, Gilda Nomacce, Luciano Chirolli, Teca Pereira
Brazil / France 2020 Portuguese 120’ Colour World premiere


  • Mawusi Tulani (Iná)
  • Clarissa Kiste (Maria)
  • Carolina Bianchi (Ana)
  • Thaia Perez (Isabel)
  • Agyei Augusto (João)
  • Alaíde Costa (Josefina)
  • Leonor Silveira (Dona Romilda)
  • Rogério Brito (Antônio)
  • Thomás Aquino (Eduardo)
  • Andrea Marquee (Carolina)
  • Gilda Nomacce (Sister Flora)
  • Luciano Chirolli (Jorge)
  • Teca Pereira (Doca)


Written and Directed by Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra
Cinematography Hélène Louvart
Editing Juliana Rojas, Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra
Music Salloma Salomão
Sound Design Rubén Valdes, Christophe Vingtrinier
Sound Gabriela Cunha
Production Design Juliana Lobo
Costumes Gabriella Marra
Make-Up Vanessa Barone, Jane Santiago
Assistant Director Carol Araujo
Casting Gabriel Domingues
Production Manager Helena Botelho
Producers Maria Ionescu, Sara Silveira, Clément Duboin, Florence Cohen

Produced by

Dezenove Som e Imagens

Good Fortune Films

Caetano Gotardo

Born in Brazil in 1981, he studied cinema at the University of São Paulo and directed several award-winning short films including Areia, which opened the 2008 Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. He is a member of the Brazilian film collective Filmes do Caixote. Todos os mortos is his third feature film.


2003 Feito não para doer (Not Meant to Hurt); short film 2005 O diário aberto de R. (The Open Diary of R.); short film 2008 Areia (Sand); short film 2009 O menino japonês (The Japanese Boy); short film 2010 Outras pessoas (Other People); short film · Desassossego (Neverquiet); collective film 2012 Os barcos (The Boats); short film · O que se move (The Moving Creatures) 2013 Matéria (Matter); short film 2015 Choclo; short film 2017 Merencória (Let the Storm); short film 2019 Seus ossos e seus olhos (Your Bones and Your Eyes) 2020 Noturnos; TV series · Todos os mortos (All the Dead Ones)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020

Marco Dutra

Born in 1980, the filmmaker and composer was fascinated by horror and fantasy films from an early age, an influence that is clearly evident in his work. In 2017, his genre-defying film As boas maneiras, co-directed with Juliana Rojas, won the Silver Leopard at Locarno. Todos os mortos is his first directing collaboration with Caetano Gotardo.


2003 Espera (Waiting); Short Film 2004 O lençol branco (The White Sheet); Short Film · Concerto número três (Concert Number Three); Short Film 2007 Um ramo (A Stem); Short Film 2009 As sombras (The Shadows); Short Film 2010 Desassossego (Neverquiet); Collective Film 2011 Trabalhar cansa (Hard Labor) 2013 Nascemos hoje (We Were Born Today); Short Film 2014 Quando eu era vivo (When I Was Alive) 2016 Era el cielo (The Silence of the Sky) 2017 El hipnotizador (The Hypnotist); TV-Series · As boas maneiras (Good Manners) 2020 Noturnos; TV-Series · Todos os mortos (All the Dead Ones)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020