Kama fissamaa’ kathalika ala al-ard

As Above So Below
A group of people wander over a field at the foot of a cloud-covered mountain range. Here and there, swings have been set up in the broad landscape and the people queue up obediently to sit on them for a few rounds. Sarah Francis returns to this scene again and again. In between, we follow a creation story from the beginnings of humanity to the establishment of religion, culminating in digital clouds that weave together facts and myths surrounding the moon. The moon is the quiet centre of this system; it floats over the people as their constant companion and at the same time becomes their property. From the first lunar landing via territorial partitioning to space as the “final frontier,” the same discourses of power, ownership, territory and nationality that determine life on earth also shape this celestial body. Kama fissamaa' kathalika ala al-ard is a quiet, understated essay that weaves together images, texts and sounds into a dense mesh of signs. Humans may be at the centre here, but, as part of the universe, they are also infinitesimally small.
by Sarah Francis
with Naji Adwan, Ali Ibrahim, Abed Abdallah, Chakib Nassif, Charly Kamar, Denise Roukoz, Jocelynn Karam, Suzy Kerchian, George Yaacoub, Micheline Raad
Lebanon 2020 Arabic, English 70’ Colour & Black/White World premiere


  • Naji Adwan
  • Ali Ibrahim
  • Abed Abdallah
  • Chakib Nassif
  • Charly Kamar
  • Denise Roukoz
  • Jocelynn Karam
  • Suzy Kerchian
  • George Yaacoub
  • Micheline Raad


Written and Directed by Sarah Francis
Cinematography Bassem Fayad
Editing Sarah Francis, Zeina Aboul Hosn
Sound Design Victor Bresse
Sound Tatiana El Dahdah, Victor Bresse
Casting Roula Sawma (P.Y)
Production Manager Jinane Chaaya
Producer Sarah Francis

World sales

Sarah Francis

Produced by

Sarah Francis

Sarah Francis

She grew up in Beirut and studied at the Institut d’études scéniques, audiovisuelles et cinématographiques (IESAV). Since 2005, she has been working as a freelance film director. Kama fissamaa' kathalika ala al-ard is her second feature-length film.


2013 Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September); 99 min. 2014 Tukoos Nawal (Nawal's Rituals); 20 min. 2016 All the Temporary, Quick Notes from Home; 7 min.

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