Celle qui porte la pluie

She Who Wears the Rain
There it lies, in the middle of the room: grief. Her father will die soon, but the doctors have been saying that for three years. And the bathroom still needs to be cleaned. Agnès is left alone with her suppressed pain and the banal tasks of everyday life. She withdraws to a place somewhere between reality and dream, between anger and consolation, between questions and answers.
by Marianne Métivier
with Amaryllis Tremblay, Gabriel Arcand, Edina Portas
Canada 2019 French 17’ Colour


  • Amaryllis Tremblay (Agnès)
  • Gabriel Arcand (Dad)
  • Edina Portas (Tao)


Written and Directed by Marianne Métivier
Cinematography Ariel Méthot
Editing Amélie Hardy
Sound Design Ilyaa Ghafouri
Music Ilyaa Ghafouri
Art Director Geneviève Boiteau
Producers Clara L'Heureux-Garcia, Émile Lavoie

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H264 Distribution

Produced by

Marianne Métivier

Born in Montreal, Canada in 1993, she studied at the Université du Québec in the city. Inspired by her travels around the world, she explores pivotal moments in life with poetry and the method of alienation. Celle qui porte la pluie is her first short film since graduating.

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2013 Raspberry 2016 Le passage de l'oiseau migrateur 2019 Celle qui porte la pluie

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