Anne at 13,000 ft

Anne is in her late 20s, she works at a daycare centre in Toronto, where the kids love her, she’s just moved into her own place, she takes to skydiving like a duck to water. The camera is never far from her, following her every movement, excited, agitated or apathetic, registering the shifts in her mood as it skips from one situation to another at will. It captures certain warning signs as well, though you could overlook them at first, the enthusiasm that borders on the childlike, the glass of wine too many, the inappropriate pranks. The people around her notice things too, although no one ever says what Anne’s problem might be, her mother cautiously asks her if she’s doing ok, the man she meets at the wedding talks of his struggles with depression, her colleague reminds her politely that 90 children can’t be left alone. Anne’s behaviour grows more erratic and tension is generated by what could happen, the unpredictability of a woman under the influence, the influence of what? It’s an uncomfortable feeling, but oddly exhilarating too, like how it feels in the pit of your stomach as the plane rises in the air and you know you’ll have to jump.
by Kazik Radwanski
with Deragh Campbell, Matt Johnson, Dorothea Paas, Lawrene Denkers
Canada / USA 2019 English 75’ Colour


  • Deragh Campbell (Anne)
  • Matt Johnson (Matt)
  • Dorothea Paas (Sarah)
  • Lawrene Denkers (Mum)


Written and Directed by Kazik Radwanski
Cinematography Nikolay Michaylov
Editing Ajla Odobašic
Sound Design Matt Chan
Producers Dan Montgomery, Kazik Radwanski
Executive Producers C. Mason Wells, Nathan Silver

Produced by

Medium Density Fibreboard Films (MDFF)

Kazik Radwanski

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1985. He studied Film at Ryerson University and co-founded the production company Medium Density Fibreboard Films (MDFF).


2007 Assault; 11 min. 2008 Princess Margaret Blvd.; 14 min., Shorts 2009 2009 Out in that Deep Blue Sea; 16 min., Shorts 2010 2010 Green Crayons; 10 min., Shorts 2011 2012 Tower; 78 min. 2013 Cutaway; 7 min. 2015 How Heavy This Hammer; 75 min., Forum 2016 2017 Scaffold; 15 min.

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