Images of cherry blossom, luminous fields bursting with colour and miscellaneous domestic ephemera are photographed from the screen of an obsolete televisual device. Nostalgia for a fading past merges with the promise of a new season – one day sweeping into the next – to tell an impressionistic story of cohesion, memory and companionship. A magical feast for the eyes, presented in 3D.
by Blake Williams Canada 2019 Without language 12’ Colour


Director Blake Williams
Cinematography Blake Williams
Editing Blake Williams
Sound Blake Williams
Producer Marco Gualtieri

Produced by

BM Films

Blake Williams

Born in Houston, Texas in 1985, he lives and works as an artist in Toronto where he is also taking a doctorate at the University of Toronto’s Cinema Studies Institute. His films have screened at festivals including Locarno, Toronto and New York. Alongside his work as an artist and academic, he is also a film critic and helps programme the Big Ears Film Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.


2011 Coorow-Latham Road; short film 2012 Depart; short film · Many a Swan; short film 2014 Red Capriccio; short film 2015 Something Horizontal; short film 2017 Prototype 2019 2008

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020