Moazzam ma yalla haqeqy

Most of What Follows Is True
A man returns to his neighborhood looking for his brother. He confronts the destruction of his old home, which has become a featureless wasteland. He keeps looking for his brother’s traces, but all he finds is the urban legend about his disappearance.
by Maged Nader
with Amgad Reyad, Mohamed El Noss
Egypt 2019 Arabic 11’ Colour World premiere


  • Amgad Reyad
  • Mohamed El Noss


Director Maged Nader
Cinematography Maged Nader
Sound Design Sara Kaddouri
Sound Bassam Farahat
Producer Maged Nader

Produced by

Maged Nader

Maged Nader

Maged Nader, born in 1990 in Cairo, Egypt, is a filmmaker. He received his bachelor degree from High Cinema Institute at the Academy of Arts, Cairo, in 2011 and studied camera and hand processing super 8 and 16mm film in workshops at Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre in Cairo. He has directed four short films and a music video in Super 8 and digital formats. Now, he is working as a program coordinator at Cimatheque Cairo. This is his second appearance in Forum Expanded.


2010 Tawasol; 8 min. 2011 Daily Visit; 11 min. 2012 1772; 6 min. 2014 Corner 2015 Fathy la yaeesh hona baad ala'n (Fathy doesn't live here anymore); 16 min., Forum Expanded 2016 2019 Moazzam ma yalla haqeqy (Most of What Follows is True); 11 min.

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