Flexible Bodies

“Like a spaceship that has lost its way, the skyscraper protrudes from its surroundings. An imposing, elegantly curved, widely visible building that is architecturally inspired by UNO City in Vienna. Mixing architectural shots and surreal settings, the film Flexible Bodies enters the world of this skyscraper. The incongruousness of the work and of the building, which, even in today’s working world, is no longer contemporary, coalesce to create a weirdly charged atmosphere that is sometimes reminiscent of a science fiction film. The main focus of Flexible Bodies is on the views – both the exterior of the building as well the surrounding city as viewed from the interior. The building becomes a protagonist who, by virtue of its appearance, offers ample space for projections. (...) The inherent desire for ascent, the credo pertaining to the American dream of ‘You can do it’, and the consequentially related trend towards self-optimization right up to the predestined disappointment of countless dreams are the undertones that delineate the film,” comments director Louis Fried.
by Louis Fried
with Judith Newerla, Marcela Braak, Ralf Bonow, Gonzalo Barahona
Germany 2019 German, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Portuguese 19’ Colour


  • Judith Newerla (Mrs. Schiereck )
  • Marcela Braak (Employee)
  • Ralf Bonow (Canteen Worker)
  • Gonzalo Barahona (Workout Trainer)


Director Louis Fried
Screenplay Maya Connors, Louis Fried
Cinematography Michael Steinhauser
Camera Assistant Lisa Dutschmann
Editing Louis Fried, Maya Connors
Sound Design Pablo Paolo Kilian
Sound Chinook Schneider
Colour Correction Tim Liebe

Produced by

Louis Fried

Louis Fried

Born in Munich, Germany, he currently lives and works in Hamburg. From 2004 to 2010 he studied visual communications and film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He is co-founder of Veto Film, a platform for experimental film and video art.

Filmography (short films)

2010 Polyferro · Propaganda1 2011 Rio Grande 2013 Die Wüste Malo (Malo Desert) 2015 Postcard to Godzilla 2019 Flexible Bodies

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