The Operative

Die Agentin
Rachel, who is actually called something else, speaks several languages fluently and is at home everywhere and nowhere. Perfect qualifications for an agent, according to the Israeli foreign intelligence service Mossad that recruits her. Her liaison officer Thomas holds her in high esteem; operational command in Israel is also convinced and so Rachel is sent to Tehran on an undercover mission. Fascinated by this foreign country, she carefully blends in with everyday life on the ground and starts an affair with a businessman, Farhad, the man she has been instructed to spy on. But her missions become more and more demanding and dangerous until she finally decides to quit. She leaves a cryptic message for Thomas, who must now find her before she can become a threat to Israel.
Diane Kruger is consistently compelling as the Mossad agent at the centre of this convoluted plot, which traverses a number of countries and periods. Based on the novel by Yiftach Reicher Atir, himself a former Israeli secret service employee, director and scriptwriter Yuval Adler unfolds an exciting espionage thriller about the question of one’s own identity.
by Yuval Adler
with Diane Kruger, Martin Freeman, Cas Anvar
Germany / Israel / France / USA 2019 English, Hebrew, Farsi 120’ Colour


  • Diane Kruger (Rachel)
  • Martin Freeman (Thomas)
  • Cas Anvar (Farhad)


Director Yuval Adler
Screenplay Yuval Adler based on the novel ‘The English Teacher’ by Yiftach Reicher Atir
Cinematography Kolja Brandt
Editing Hansjörg Weißbrich
Music Frank Ilfman
Sound Design Michael Kaczmarek, Frank Schubert
Sound Miroslav Babić
Production Design Yoel Herzberg
Costumes Hamada Atallah, Verena Reuter-Züll
Make-Up René Jordan
Assistant Director Esther Rauch
Casting Emmanuelle Mayer
Line Producer Sebastian Fröhlich, Kfir Weiss
Producers Eitan Mansuri, Anne Carey, Jonathan Doweck, Viola Fügen, Michael Weber, Jean Labadie, Yuval Adler
Executive Producers Teddy Schwarzman, Ben Stillman, Michael Heimler, Amy Nauiokas, Ephraim Gildor, Avi Nir
Co-Producers Michel Merkt for KNM, Dietmar Güntsche, Martin Rohé, Meike Savarin, Jamal Zeinal Zade for Bord Cadre Films, Dan Wechsler for Bord Cadre Films, Jim Stark for Bord Cadre Films
Co-Production Neue Bioskop Film Leipzig
Little Shark Entertainment Köln

World sales

Endeavor Content

Produced by

Match Factory Productions

Spiro Films

Archer Gray

Mountain Trail Films

Yuval Adler

The screenwriter and director studied maths at Tel Aviv University and then graduated with a PhD in philosophy from Columbia University in New York, where he also studied sculpture and photography. His work featured in several art exhibitions before he turned his full attention to film. His debut feature film Bethlehem celebrated its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival where it won the Venice Days award for Best Film. It also won six Israeli Film Academy awards as well as being Israel’s entry for the Oscars. The Operative is his second feature film.


2013 Bethlehem 2019 The Operative (Die Agentin)

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