‘How do old people die again?’ – ‘Infirmity.’ – ‘Infirmity, is it a disease? – ‘No, it’s a cause of death.’

The S-Bahn train whooshes through Berlin. The filmmaker Nina Wesemann recorded various stations in the lives of Emine, Marie, Christian and Arthur over a whole year. Though their paths will likely never cross, they do have one thing in common: they are all children of the big city. They spend their free time with siblings or friends, spraying, gaming or just messing around. They play and fight, or confide in one another, on the street, in the park, at the lake, the museum or at home. Facing the world uninhibited and full of self-confidence, they try on different attitudes and behaviours. The intimate look at their everyday lives is purely observational, capturing the various moods of the young adolescents and their urban surroundings by day and by night.
by Nina Wesemann
with Arthur, Christian, Emine, Marie
Germany 2019 German 77’ Colour World premiere | Documentary form recommendation: 8 years and up


  • Arthur
  • Christian
  • Emine
  • Marie


Written and Directed by Nina Wesemann
Cinematography Nina Wesemann
Editing Ulrike Tortora
Music Pierce Black, Max Walter
Sound Design Jörg Elsner
Sound Daniel Hengst
Sound Mixing Gerhard Auer
Colourist Artem Stretovych
Script Adviser Ella Cieslinski
Producer Nicole Leykauf
Commissioning Editor Dagmar Mielke, Jens Stubenrauch
In Cooperation with Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München
Co-Production rbb/Arte Potsdam/Berlin

Produced by

Leykauf Film

Nina Wesemann

Born in Cologne, Germany, she began studying documentary at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) in 2010, receiving a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation in 2011. Alongside HFF films, she also works on independent projects including, from 2012-2014, as DOP on the cinema documentary Peter Handke – Bin im Wald. Kann sein, dass ich mich verspäte (Peter Handke - In the Woods, Might be Late). In 2016, her VR performance installation My Lonesome Hologram premiered at DOK Leipzig. Since 2017, she has been studying at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and working as a freelance choreographer on film projects.


2012 Fremde Freunde (Friends and Strangers); documentary, co-director: Vera Drude 2014 First Class Asylum; documentary, co-directors: Niklas Hoffmann, Alexandra Wesolowski · La famille; documentary 2015 Brief Encounter; experimental film 2019 Kinder; documentary

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